Childhood Fears
Her skin was as black as creamed coffee, her hair, a beautiful black dread fall; and her teeth like that of a Paraná’s. She had tribal designs painted on her body and clothing made of flesh and bones. She would torture the lost and wicked and save the pure. In other words, she was a very busy girl. Her name was Ngunu, a legend among our small town. In African towns all around are many legends and stories, but, this one was different... She woke to screaming, she was five and all blonde hair blue eyed German breeding. The room was pitch black, except for a small nightlight in her closet to keep out the monsters. She threw the covers back and quietly slid out of bed and made her way over to her bedroom door. She turned the handle slowly her pulse jumping out of her throat, choking, she peeked out through the small slit to find a man all in black with his face covered only letting his eyes glitter through. The one man was holding her brother by the throat and had a knife under his adam's apple. Her mother was on the floor screaming and crying but why, she couldn't tell, not until she saw the other man dressed the same as the first. She could only see him from the waist up he was lying on top of her mother whispering something in her ear. Fresh tears rolled down her mother's cheeks then a noise from where the other man stood brought her attention back to him. She saw her brother eyes rolling back in his head and little choking, gasping sounds coming from his mouth. Blood was running out of the corners of his mouth and dripping onto his clothes from his chin. His read knit sweater was all torn up in a jumble at his stomach, then slowly some black liquid started oozing out of the mass that was slimy and red and was slowly sliding down the front of his body. Then her mother's ragged screams brought her attention back over to her, her nightgown in the front had been ripped open to reveal her high tight breasts and the man pinning her to the ground was sucking on them as her mother fought and screamed, the guy holding her brother threw his body to the ground and walked over and kicked her mother in the side of her face screaming at her to shut up. Wide eyed and wide mouthed the girl quietly closed the door fighting the urge to cry, and she hurried her way over to her closet grabbing a foot stool to climb up onto the wooden shelf above where her clothes hung, there was a pile of blankets neatly folded which she hid behind hoping it was enough to cover her up. After what seemed like forever her mother's screams stopped. Tears threatened to roll down her cheeks any minute, then she heard the door to her bedroom open and she froze. She no longer had to fight the urge to cry, it was like everything about her just stopped. She could hear their footsteps walking through her room on the wooden floor, she saw through the dimness of the light, her closet door open, she shut her eyes tight and held her breathe. She listened and listened, but there was nothing. Was it a trick, did they know she was here and they were just waiting for her to come out? She peeked over one of the blankets to find one of the men’s faces staring up at her, she gasped and clapped her hands over her mouth thinking she was caught. But then the picture slowly hit her, the man was sitting up against her closet wall lifeless his head tilting to the side with dead eyes staring up at her, the other lay across the first man’s legs with his face to the floor and both had a puddle of blood spreading out from underneath of them. From what she could see both of their stomachs had been torn up just like her brothers had been. She slowly started to sit back against the wall when movement out of the corner of her eye made her turn her head; there crouched down in the corner opposite of her was Ngunu, the women she knew from her story books. Ngunu moved and was suddenly there in front of her, Ngunu grabbed her face and let out a sound that was halfway between a hiss and a scream, her eyes glowed bright fiery red and the little girl did the only thing she could, she screamed. All she remembers from that point on is scalped faces and skin hanging from her closet walls and blood decorated the room and her body she played in it giggling as if telling a friend something funny. She remembers painting pictures and hanging them next to the skin of her victims and laughing. Images flashed through her head: batman, skin, bones and full throated laughs filling the room; until everything cleared and she was suddenly face to face with a police officer, they didn't know what to do with her everyone was confused and treated her as if she was some science experiment gone wrong. They finally put her in a place where there was only the faintest shed of light peaking through a rectangular hole in the door of her cell, there was a toiler in the corner and bed for her to sleep on but nothing else. She would be alone for the rest of her life and the only visitors she would ever see were the priest that would come and try to rid the demons from her body. Then, she woke to screaming, she was five and all blonde hair and blue eyed German breeding.

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Short Story
writing LexiKay
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