Blog Noir #1
There are not many things I can think of more intimidating or exciting than producing your own independent film.

Lucky me. I have 8 weeks to do it.

Thus far, I've (loosely) nailed down a production schedule. I've got most everything lined up and planned out, and it's time to kick the snowball down the hill. The screenplay is complete. The A/V script is complete. Storyboards... well those are due in 3 hours, and I'm almost half way through them after 3 days of toil. Those might need to get pushed back.

I'd be working on them currently, yet something in my brain told me that if it had to deal with one more pencil line, it was going to snap and make me do things that I would regrettably need to answer for later. So, I figured it was time to type up the first of several entries detailing the adventures of an independent filmmaker.

Everything really fell into place on this project a mere three weeks ago. Up until then, I had had my mind set on another piece; one involving some animation work and a lighter script. Comedy. Unfortunately, I wasn't comfortable with where the script was, as it was nowhere near where somebody would keep anything that was finished. Luckily for me, and any subsequent viewers, I had another that focused more on the aesthetics (which never looks like it's spelled right in the midst of an all-nighter) of cinematography. The ever-popular, ever-beloved, and wholly-dreaded-by-amateur-gaffers Film Noir. Hard-boiled detective, femme fatale, and somewhat pessimistic outlook on the human condition. Et cetera. A significantly darker piece, but one I am whole-heartedly looking forward to working on. The concept was birthed in a project I did for a photoshop class. The script was initially penned by a comrade of mine, and we knocked it around a bit; polishing it up for production purposes. Very happy with it as it now stands.

Well, as I had mentioned before, there is plenty more updates to come. I'm off to go finish the storyboards. Or at least do my damnedest to get them close to something that somewhat- but not quite- resembles a finished set of storyboards.

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First entry in a journal about producing an independent short film.