Poem for a friend
A friend who can make your day,
who will see you through all the way,
I wonder what brought us together,
I would say it's fate...

Path crossed so they can
both mark a spot,
they both come from the sun,
so temperaments will be hot,

Together they are cool,
a balance unison,
when they both create
a vision,
the concept become infinite.

team work was high,
I would run through the level, 
whilst he would take his time,
it was the same game in real life

One is organised,
the other... Sporadic,
opposites make for better practice,
maybe the reason why we attracted.

Dear friend,
no brother...

I thank you for all you have done,
most of what we share is fun,
games, music, 
you're like the brother
I never had,
regardless if we do not share 
the same mum and dad.

Our first greeting was random,
who new in them years 
a lot would happen,
interlinked lives, 
who linked other lives,
to travelers we were 
London's top guides,
as we would ride throughout the night 
to waterfalls
gaze upon stars in the skys.

freestyle for hours
as we increase our
musical powers,
we began having 
word showers,
and our vocab became
high as inner city towers.

Eventually we started
having cook outs,
late night sessions
around the house,
music, conversation, 
hell no sleep, 
when we got deep,
unless I was in a drunken state 
then my eyes would shut,
ears stayed open,
hmm I wonder if that's the reason for
all them good dreams?

You turned one of my dreams 
into a reality,
something that will prove 
to my whole family,
I always had a talent 
I now they have clarity,
I mean audio... 
thanks to you can hear my flow,
you are one of the reasons 
why my gift has an extra glow.

I know nothing has changed,
life just altered and got rearranged,
all though I had hope,
I guess even the best of friendships
can never be the same.

Life happened
when we maintained
consistency of connection,
every other meeting was
nothing but elevation.

I guess I need not talk 
about the frustrations...
They are outweighed 
by your patience,
seeing I can be a difficult individual,
you made sure my life was easy
so forever in my heart you remain tall.

"Selenite is their calling,
they connect in realms beyond,
music they may have created,
but it was their friendship which
was their main song...
so I write this as I am glad
you were part of my trip
I thank you again for the
enhancement of my gift."

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Free Verse
writing Le_Horn3t
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