As the sun shines in and kisses your sweet face
you smile at mommy, and I know this is the place
where love is shared & dreams come true
And I have the joy of being mommy to you
I will love you and teach you, and keep you close to me
cause I know that times don't get much better than these
Though soon to arrive will be our new little one,
My love will be ever stronger for you my beautiful son!
There may be hard times on our journey yet,
but you will be right here with us, don't ever forget,
you have given our hearts such a lift,
Cause little boys like you are God's special gift.
Though sometimes the new baby's needs
may seem more than your own, remember you're loved
and you're never alone.
Just remember sweet angel, we'll never stop loving you
and being a big brother is pretty special too!
You may not always understand why the new one brings such joy
So just remember that you're always mommy's special little boy!

Laura Yvette Dunagan