Socrates Eros Singleton_Concept Dev_03-Jan.30, 2008

BDM 110 Concept Development

Project # 4

January 30, 2008



Socrates Eros Singleton or nicknamed by his friends “Sock”.  His character is that of an protagonist. He is primarily a good man. He votes when he is supposed to, is socially and religiously inclined. He is a computer engineer but aspires to be a teacher, a teacher of Greek Philosophy. His parents met at college in a Greek methodology class and clicked right away. So of course after college they married, had a child and named their son after a Classical Greek Philosopher. It was between Socrates, Plato or Aristotle, so you see which name won hands down. So as a child his parents shared and influenced their love of Greek philosophers and methodology with their son, whose middle name Eros- meaning erotic named after the God of love.


As a young child, Socrates always witnessed nothing but love between his parents, that and a love of education, so he was always reading and learning. And as an only child he self taught himself a lot of things like how to fish and climb trees.  And his parents taught him to always be a gentleman, open doors for women, pull out their seats and greet them with respect when a woman enters the room. When Socrates was planning his thirteenth birthday with his parents, he heard his parents have the biggest fight, the first that he ever knew of. A week before his birthday his father went to work and never came back home. This was the first year of many that he shared his birthday celebration without his father. At night when he would read he would hear his mother try to silent her tears, but every night when he went to bed he could hear her weep. He wished he could take her pain from her.  His mother always appeared happy, but he vowed to one day find his father and give him the pain that he left his mother with.



His father leaving at this tender age made Socrates not want to love. He saw how much his mother was in pain, pain he could not take away from her. Socrates mother was able to provide a good life for him and he went on to be very successful in college. He started a promising career in computer engineering.  But he continued to read his Greek methodology, mostly about Eros and Aphrodite, the God and Goddesses of Love. Even though his was skilled at computers, he always wanted to teach his wisdom of Greek philosophy.  And of course his pet peeves where men who didn’t open doors for women or pull their chairs out. And once of Socrates Vices was his love for chocolate. He had a tattoo of cupid on his left should blade with tears running it…tears from his mother.

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