Revealing Deeper Meaning-Concept Dev08-March 05,208

BDM110 Concept Development

Project 8- Revealing Deeper Meaning

March 5, 2008


I was motivated to develop this idea because of my passion for parenting and the bond I have with my son. He is a very creative individual. He and I share similar qualities as far as our outlooks on life and our levels of passion and creativity. He is an extrovert, loves making friends or exploring new concepts and he loves inventing things.


I believe there is a silver lining behind every single cloud. I am an optimist. I remember when I was in high school, I remember specifically my mother attacking this aspect of my character. She said I was too nice too people and that I see positive in all things and that made me naïve and that people would only take advantage of me in life. I have learned that all people look for opportunities to advance in life. Some people may fall victim to haven more opportunities taken than given to them. Being aware and how you respond to those chances makes you an opportunist yourself, naivety has nothing to do with it.


The message I am trying to convey through my Capstone film is for the audience to maintain this same idea of holding on to the innocence of being young. I want to express that looking for the good in all people can keep a positive outlook on life, which in turn leads healthy physical returns. I want to convey the message of how it felt to be age nine and your entire life was before you.


After viewing my film a portion of my audience will think like my mother, pessimistically. They will frown and mumble that no one ever stays young, we all get old. Then the majority of society will see my POV. They will understand that yes we all get old.  But until we get to that road there is much to gain from having a positive outlook on life, like that of a nine year old. Hopefully society will improve their mental and physical well being by remember to stop and smell the roses and know that it’s ok to have ice cream run down their arms or get extra butter on their popcorn sometimes.


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Lana Gee
Short Story
writing Lana Gee
"With great power comes great responsibilty"
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