Mother’s Raising African American Men_Concept Dev_04-Jan 2008

BDM 110 Concept Development

Project # 4






Outline of Documentary




Mother’s Raising African American Men

I.                   Documentary Synopsis- This is a documentary raising the issue of women raising and nurturing their sons into strong successful African Men.  It discusses the issues behind all ethnicities of women who have been through a challenge, struggle or life learning experience in molding a young man into a powerful man. This documentary will interview those men and the mothers( and sometimes grandmothers) who help cultivate them into the successful blue or white collar men who make this great nation possible.

A.                 The accounts will be based on the lives of these men, from the men’s perspective mostly, with the mothers’ added accounts to give the stories life.

II.               Objective- This documentary’s object is to primarily move away from the negative images the news and society shows of African American men in compromising situations which appear derogatory. All in all those images are valid and accurate. However the ratio compared with images of positive African American men in our society are not concise with those portrayed on television.

A.                 Ratios will be provided to show comparisons between African American men in prison vs. those who graduate college.

B.                 Graphs will be provided to gauge the deficit of men who are in management positions in fortune 500 company’s and how much their annual salary is in comparison with the annual budget to house an African Male in our prison system.

C.                 I will also provide how this information affects our society, economy, tax levies, real estate rates, school districts, state and federal budgets.

III.            Narration- This documentary will be narrated by a woman with a more historical sounding voice like Ruby Dee or Maya Angelou. I would love to narrate it but my voice is too soothing and I need a woman’s voice that will command attention of the audience.

IV.              Interviews- I would interview 7 mothers and sons from the book and 3 from personal networking.  Interviews will be set up like web logs, pictures even songs and mementos. I would like to capture some personal time or special moments the son has or is spending currently with his mother/guardian. The book has amazing detail accounts of these men and their childhood memories with their mothers. I would like to capture that dynamics on film and then connect it to how those childhood events have shaped them into the man I now interview today.

A.                 If they are not able to meet me or me meet them, we will set up a phone interview, which would be video taped as I spoke with them. It would be YouTube style video that could be emailed to me and hopefully I could still edit it.

V.                Locations- Interviews will take place in various locations in the USA- Wherever the mothers and sons are located or even their birth places or child hood neighborhoods.  Seeing where they lived adds character to the film. However if it’s more efficient to fly them to me, then the interviews will take place in Cleveland.

VI.             Archives- I will ask all participants to bring in photos of themselves and their mom/guardian when they were a child. I will shoot the current photos with them and their moms. Photos show history and capture people, events, time, space and memories. Interviews will also be video taped. Home movies will make a great addition to the documentary. Interviews or one liner’s with another positive force, like a teacher from their youth or a pastor or neighbor, would be fantastic as well.

VII.         Charts and Graphs- As mentioned above charts and graphs will definitely be provided to show statistics and demographics of the particular issues and comparison rates.  Charts and Graphs are great to compare how much money is being spent on one item as opposed if another item. They show deficits and surplus and  how much the economy  could save by having an African American male go to college as opposed to prison.

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