"College Cam" Campaign Budget_Concept Dev06_Feb 19,2008

BDM110 concept Development

Project # 6 Website Campaign Budget

February 19, 2008



Client: Virginia Marti College of Art and Design, Digital Media Program


Campaign Name:  College Cam (Web Design Budget)









o        I would maintain the website myself

o        I would work with the college to optimize camera positions for each camera located in the school

o        I found mini live cams on Amazon- Creative Labs (73VF027000000) Live! Cam Optia was about $55.00-$95.00

·         (Video capture at up to 800x600 resolution, Record smooth video at 30 frames per second using 640x480 resolution

·         Live! View technology optimizes the light exposure, color balance and frame rates

o        I found a website with plenty of free live web cam software downloads - http://www.findmysoft.com/software/live_cam/

o        The site would primarily be a Digital Media on going project. The DMC students would update and maintain it along with myself.






I would hire a managing company to monitor and maintain my search engine optimization (SEO). So I would have to get a quote and monthly maintenance rates.


1.    This company will incorporate Keyword Analysis where their in-house copywriters would use advanced tools to research high-traffic phrases for our College Cam site. They will be able to tell us how many times a phrase is used and evaluate how difficult it will be to achieve high rankings. They will even tell us when we are better off purchasing pay-per-performance (sponsored) links.



2.     Page Optimization – this hired company's experts will structure our page to be search engine friendly. Since the company we choose would be a marketing and web development company first, they would be experts in striking a balance between search engine page optimization and human friendly marketing copy.


3.     Link Building - Most search engines look at how many other websites are linking to your to determine how important you site is. Gathering those links, called link building, is a difficult task. Our chosen company would have been successful with numerous techniques to help you boost your incoming link popularity.


4.    The chosen company would have the Google's Qualified Google AdWords Company badge of approval.



I would also add to the Live Cam page some flash animation (like we have now). But I would have Mrs. Marti-Vieth speaking a little about herself and how she came to open our school. (I know her story endeared me to this school as well as her orphanage work) so adding a personal touch may go a long way.


If the sky was the limit I would ad maybe a game on there as well. I game similar to the show, are you as smart as a fifth grader, something fun and engaging.

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