My thoughts about you

I have thoughts about you   
I have dreams as well
Sometimes i just want to changed back time, so I can make it right for us
I think about you
But you know, I will never hate you for leaving me
Still I wonder if I did anything wrong to mess up
I don't hate you for saying to me that I have slept around
Even though you should of know that I was really starting to fall in love
For what you did and say to me,I never did.
You did break my heart for saying that I cheated
I know it wasn't me 
You weren't the great guy, but I like you for who u are?
And by all means?
I had to let you know that it was stupid for thinking the things you thought of me
I guess you never will find out how much I loved you
til this day I still have thoughts of you,but no dreams
I was heartbroken by what you did
I did showed it time to time ,but it wasn't easy to hid 
Everybody knew that was heartbroken
Still i went to work,pretend that nothing happen
When the day was over I would go home an cry my eyes out
It has taken me sometime to move on
But each day it seems a bit less hurtful
I know that it wasn't my fault cuz I never did anything wrong
It will take time to heal
I can do. Since it has been a very long time, since we met
I don't have the same feels like I use to in my heart and stomach
I have almost faultlessly healed
I have had you with me since u left, but now I have tried my best to live my life with someone new
It has been hard to do cuz at times i just lose my appetite
My mood changes
My like appearance
I have you with me in my heart
Still someday you might want me back, but it will be to late
But i dought it will happen
I have thoughts of you
That has changed
Hope someday you will find someone spacial for yourself
Find love before you are with our lonesome
My thoughts are always with you J Brown

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