Into the Giant's Land
Last night was rough, and I had collapsed, leaving my trusty mace beside me. Someone had left a blanket on the ground, and I took shelter beneath its meager cover for the night.

Now fully awake, I grasped my weapon beside me: a short mace that I was given at a young age. It made noises when I moved it, therefore spoiling my plans of sneaking up on enemies, but it did its job.

I shoved the blanket aside and rolled over onto my stomach. The ground below me was soft and comfortable, seemingly padded, but it no longer served me; there were things to do. My first task was to find something to eat, I realized, as my stomach rumbled. Before that could possibly be done, though, I had to find my way to the place I knew there would be food: the land of the giants.

Crawling on my knees at first, since I was weary still from the night before, I found that I was on a ledge as I tumbled down the side. It was a short ledge, but the landing was painful. I could feel my shoulder bruising, and I let out a soft cry of anguish. I would have to ignore the pain, though, and press forward if I was to eat.

After climbing to my feet, I wavered for a moment. I didn’t feel steady, and my shoulder ached. When I finally was centered, holding onto the side of the ledge, I looked around. My path was straight and clear, but there was a problem. Numerous obstacles stood in the way. I would have to get past them all to get to my destination. With a look of determination I thought to myself, what better time to start than the present? I approached the dragon that stood threateningly before me.

Letting out a thoughtless roar, I charged full speed at the dragon, brandishing my mace. While running at the creature, my foot hit against something round, possibly a rock. It flew at the dragon and alerted it. The spikes thudded into its body and a noise rang through the air. When my mace hit, the dragon fell to the ground. It let out a scream of pain, high-pitched and filled with anguish.

I grinned with triumph. Sure, it was a small dragon, but it was now out of the way. Stepping forward, I saw my next task.

There was a large castle that the dragon had protected. Villagers lay inside and, for those who had no home, around the castle. It was still early morning; I could probably get around them all without hindrance.

Silently, I crept past the castle. My plans were foiled, though. I accidentally stepped on one of the men that lay around the foundation. I tripped over him and collapsed onto a number more people. Letting out a cry of surprise, I rolled over and leapt to my feet. The disturbance had scattered the men, and some of them were already up and ready to defend their castle. I had no choice but to lay it to ruins.

My mace swept through the air, smashing through the offending men. They were laid to silence, never to make another sound. It became my job to take down their castle, for it didn’t feel right to leave it standing with them defeated. The walls easily lay to waste, scattered across the land.

It wasn’t long before their civilization was no more, defeated by one man. Rubbish was all that was left. Though tired and hungry, I was proud of myself. I was the best fighter around; I had slain a dragon and defeated an army of men. Why, I could achieve world domination if I wanted to!

My chest puffed up with pride, I browsed around the castle ruins. I would take the spoils of war, and therefore support myself by fighting. Alas, they had no food in the entire castle. Despite my lack of nourishment, I continued on my path.

This time, I felt no fear or qualms with walking right past enemies. I was safe; fearless; powerful. Sure enough, no one dared to detain me. They had obviously seen my display of power. My mace swinging at my side, I proceeded.

I swaggered up to a large wooden arch that would lead to my destination. It stood at least five times my height, almost menacingly. I felt threatened only momentarily before walking through.

Through this archway seemed to be a different world, but there was a familiarity about it. It was the land of the giants. I would have to be careful lest I was caught and imprisoned.

Being as quiet as possible, I tip-toed through the land. There were large boulders that stood above my head, looming cliffs, and craggy walls. The sky above me was a pale blue color; beautifully clear skies. It was a good day to be alive.

My confidence took over again and I strode through the land in search of food. Finally, atop a large stump, someone had left a banana. What foolishness to leave their food unattended; I would have it to teach them a lesson!

It was, however, high up. I had to stretch myself as tall as I could, and still it took all of my might to try to grasp anything up there. The giants dwarfed the stool, and of course would think me foolish for how hard I had to try. I let out a low whine of frustration as I strained.

My noises betrayed me, though, and I was given away to the queen of the giants. She was lovely, but fierce. I began fearing for my life, but continued to try to grasp the prize above me. I would not survive without food, so what would become of me if I did not try to withstand the giant’s punishment for theft?

She easily lifted me off the ground, laughing at me. I whined loudly and squirmed, angry with myself for not getting away sooner. The giant queen took me away from the stump and over to their prison. Defeated, I slumped onto my butt and threw my mace aside. I was a prisoner, and I had lost. So much for world domination.

The hunger began digging into my stomach, and I cried out with the pain. Soon, the giant queen returned to me with the banana I was attempting to reach. I let out a laugh of glee and grasped it greedily. It was prepared for me, already peeled. Perhaps the prisoner’s life wasn’t so bad.

Voice_of_a_Dreamer   Voice_of_a_Dreamer wrote
on 2/2/2009 12:33:57 PM
Why didn't you eat the dragon or the people you had slain? Kidding, everyone knows dragon flesh burns the lips like fire! First person fantasy, very interesting approach.

Short Story
writing Kyuuketsuki
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A young boy seeks adventure, brandishing only his mace. He finds that he is in need of food, and travels through the land in search of something to eat. Along the way, he defeats many adversaries, and even travels into the giant's land where things get dangerous.
A Word from the Writer
I wrote this story in hopes of polishing it to be worth entering into a contest. I think it's cute, personally, because of the underlying element. I would appreciate comments on whether I should make that element more obvious.