Moon Slaves


      The wolf was chasing. It was big black and ghostly. I didn’t dare to look over my shoulder and pushed forward as hard as I could. I felt like choking. I wasn’t sure of what I was but at least I was fast. Behind me I left white, glowing, swirling, misty tracks in the air like I was made of smoke. I wished that I was made of smoke. The dark wolf left mist behind it too but these were black and evil. I knew little, all that was apparent was that I was on four legs and that I could run a whole lot faster than the beast behind me.

       The wolf charged towards me; chest muscles flexing like a lion. I saw him in my peripheral vision and that frightened me more. We were at a matching speed. I pushed forward with all my might but it was always at my flanks. I kept running and stopped short at a point. Something burned deep in my chest and I stood roaring or growling as it could’ve been. The dark wolf hesitated; he watched for while and then started growling and roaring back at me.

        I out growled him and advanced growling and roaring fiercely. The wolf didn’t move but didn’t growl either. It simply started to slowly fade away to mist. I stopped growling and sat back while white glowing mist swirled all around me.

Samara… Kenai’s voice was carried in it.

       I turned full circle and sniffed everywhere. I was a wolf; it was apparent now. I sat back and howled to the moon. Kenai’s voice rang in my ears and it made me growl. I was frustrated; he was nowhere to be found. I got up and howled once more…he was gone. I grunted and started running. Running away…running to find them…them…the wolves…my family…pack…running… running….


Something hard smacked against my head and I shook it off and fell realizing that I was on my feet. I rolled on my back and let my tongue roll out of my mouth. I was dead tired and heated from the running. Grace caught up and kneeled down to pat my head. Kenai who was a field mouse sniffed in my direction and cocked his head. Cirri and Syria stopped short and dropped down next to me panting hard.

“My God, Samara…” Grace said practically gasping for breath.

“You sure can run…” Cirri panted.

“Yeah, you were killing us…” Syria shivered. “Making us run in this cold…”

“Where were you going anyway?” Kenai asked, changing into a wolf.

“I…I don’t know…I was asleep…” I answered rolling back onto my stomach.

Grace seemed frustrated at being the only human in the conversation.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Cirri growled.

“Sorry guys…I was having a nightmare…” I said shyly.

“For the youngest you sure cause a lot of trouble.” Kenai licked my face.

“Sorry…” I flattened my ears.                

“It’s okay…” Grace smiled and stroked me behind my ears.

“Good thing Turf stopped you.” Syria said.

“Turf?” I looked around.

A big black grizzly showed its teeth. It looked so much like the dark wolf I shrieked and jumped behind Grace and Kenai. Syria and Cirri broke into a mad barking laughter. Kenai growled and they quieted. Grace put a hand on my neck and stroked down the raised fur. I shuddered as Turf morphed down into a black wolf. I shuddered.

“You dreamed of grizzlies?” He asked.

I whined.

“You okay Samara?” Kenai asked.

I whined and shuddered.

“Guess not.” Cirri choked back another laugh.

I growled and shook the fear off. “Shut up. I’m fine. Just a bit spooked.”

“It’s honestly okay if you’re afraid of grizzlies, Sammy.” Turf said.

“I’m not afraid of grizzly bears!” I growled. “And quit calling me Sammy.”

I got up and stalked away from them. Truthfully I just wanted to change back into human and cover my head with a thick warm blanket. They were really getting on my nerves. Just because they’d all had their powers longer and were older they thought that I couldn’t do anything. I growled under my breath and started trotting back home.

Home wasn’t home. Home was just a renovated jail cell. I shuddered, why would I return to the center? I felt like a helpless puppy, which was all I really was; a puppy. I was going to faithfully return to my master and curl up to sleep in my cage. Like I’d been doing every day since I was ‘born’. We all had to be ‘born’ at some point. At first you’re perfectly human. You grow up like everyone else, raised by your birth parents up until you’re five. Then they take you away and mess with you. You go through tests and are injected with hundreds of things each day for two years. Then you sleep for a couple more years in a huge glass tank forever floating in ‘water’ as we call it because we don’t have any official names for the gunk. After a while you wake up stiff as a board and they let you out. I shudder to even think of it. The glass gets lifted and you’re a fish out of water. You can’t breathe but you don’t want to though you have to. You can’t see and you can see everything. It’s the worst thing in the world. You’re dying in pain but at the same time just starting to live…it’s terrible. Then they bring you a beast to kill. They brought me a wolf; I lunged at it and sank my teeth into it. For a moment I thought that I’d died but then the wolf was dead bloody and lifeless. I growled; I was in its place… I was the wolf and it was me. And I still was…I dream its dreams…I think its thoughts… It had only been a year since I’d turned. I was still unstable…I could only handle one creature where as everyone else had at least two animals that they could turn to.

I stopped running and held my ground for a moment as everyone caught up. This was the wolf acting now, I couldn’t leave my pack…she couldn’t leave them. A growl escaped my throat. Unfortunately for me the wolf who I was had been leader. Everyone but grace had an impulse to follow me wherever I went though they were much older. I enjoyed being queen sometimes but at others I just wanted to be the lowest, the smallest, the one no one paid attention to. That spot was held by Turf. Everyone could really care less about what happened to him.

I lowered my head and waited until I heard them coming. Once I did I started up trotting again frustrated and tired. It was soon in sight; the high barbed wire fences looked about as welcoming to me as they’d be to a convict of the long past year 2012. I growled as I walked over to the front and padded to the door. A red beam scanned over my face and the doors opened and let me through.

I knew my way well. I went through six bomb proof double doors and down a hall of cells. Mine was open and I padded in. the double door slammed shut and I climbed into bed and changed human to get dressed before I slept again. Sleeping human was always hard. I had my own nightmares then. My human nightmares; and those were far worse than the wolf nightmares. I covered my head with my sheet and closed my eyes as sleep set in.

Moonrose   Moonrose wrote
on 1/10/2009 1:16:58 PM
Good job, Kittyo8, especially for this being a 5th grade story. I sympathise for Samara... it doesn't sound like she's having too much fun right now. Creative, nice job!

Novel / Novella
writing Kittyo8
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An edit of a former 5th grade story...hope you enjoy!