The Dream
It was a week ago when I saw the ghost in the bedroom. Then the green eyes man appeared in my dreams. The green eyes man is a nightmare to me. He has green eyes, black hair, with a scar down his cheek. I can imagine his face in my head. He was laughing at me and walked over to me with a creepy weird laugh. He had a knife in his hand. I was crawling on the ground crying yelling for help. My sister, Desi was just standing there looking at what was going on. The knife was so near to my face. He was so close he could have gave me a scar on my cheek. I was screaming but no one could hear me. It was just my sister standing there look like; she was in same kind of trans or something. I ran for it but there was nowhere to go or hide. Then a road appeared and it had four different ways to go down. I went down the nearest path. He was right behind me. So close that I could feel his breath on my neck. The hair on my neck was standing up. At that time I wished I could out run the green eyes man. My sister was floating in the air on a cloud. She was saying, “Run Kayla Run! He is right behind you.” I did not want to look behind me at all. It was too scary that it felt real. I ran as fast as I could. But some way the green eyes man was right behind me. The road was getting darker and darker. I heard a name. It was like someone was whispering, “Issabella, Issabella, Issabella!” It was getting fainter and fainter as I went alone the ally. I felt the walls to guide me to safety because the green eyes man was right behind me. The walls had this kind of goop. It felt stinky and cold. It smelled like something died there. I rubbed the gunk on my face. I heard a fatal scream coming ahead of me. I did not want to go feather ahead but at the same time I did not want to go back. I just froze there like a rock. I did not know where to go. It was pitch black in the ally. I walked backwards and bummed into a wall that had a trapped door. I fell and hit my head. I did not know what to do. The voices got closer and closer. The voices were over top of me. When I looked up there was no one there. I thought I was going crazy. I could hear breathing coming closer and closer. When I turned around, it was my sister covered in blood and the stinky cold goop that I felt on the walls. Could the screaming I heard was my sister. I felt so sad and scared that I might be losing my sister. She was whispering. She was saying, “Help me Kayla! Help me!” I had my hand over my month. I was in shock by my sister. “What am I supposed to do Desi?” I asked her stuttering. S he said nothing but she was in a trans again. She was muttering jibberish. I could not understand her. I felt my head and it was bleeding from when I fell. The murmurs were coming closer. I turned around to see if it was Destiny. But she disappeared. I couldn’t finder her anywhere. I followed the bloody foot prints. It leads me to another four way ally. This time all four ways had blood trails. I followed the third trail of blood. It was leading to a dead end but I did not give up, I know there was a way in only because the blood tray disappeared in front of the gross wall. There is a way in and I will find it, I thought to myself. My sister was somewhere and I was going to find her. She had to go this way because my gut was telling me. I was not going to leave her behind trapped here. I kept looking then I heard a voice. “Desi is that you?” I asked. I turned around and it was the green man. He pulled a brick on the left side then the right side. It opened up a secret passes age way. I was in shock that the green eyes man was helping me. My ideas about the green eyes man were all wrong by one thing he did. It is like he wants to help me. “Go before he finds out!” The green eyes man said. “Who finds out about what?” I asked. I heard a scream. It was two different screams. One was my sister screams and the other one I have no idea who it was. It leads me to a dark room. I could hear different voices telling me to help them. The voices told me to save myself to get out of here. I told the voices that I was not leaving until I get my sister and free all the voices that I heard. Could the other scream be Issabella? The name I heard earlier from the fainting voices, I have not heard it in a while. The green eyes man pushed me into the trapdoor. He was smiling it was an evil smile. I know he was not good or would help me for any reason. At first the green eyes man was sweat and nice but something happened to him in a second. It got dark and I heard laughter. It sounded like a man but it was so closed to me. It felt like he was right over my head. I stretched my hands in the air and there was no one there. I was so scared but I was not going anywhere until I find my sister and set the voices I hear free. It was impossible to do all that then find a way out. My head was spinning, the whole room was spinning. I did not know what was going on. Was it the dead rooting smell. I don’t know. But I know that I had to find her and still keep my promise. The hall was getting brighter. I heard crying but it was not Desi. Is it Issabella? I wander. I got to a room. It was small you could only put a bed in here. The room was a bright yellow. In the corner was Desi but she was not alone. There was a little girl also there. She was crying. “Issabella is that you?” I asked. The little girl looked up her face had scars everywhere. She was beaten up all over. It is the reason she is crying. I would cry if I go beaten up. “How do you know my name?” She stuttered. “ The voices from everywhere in this place.” I said. Desi was so happy to see me. Now I just needed to find the voices. “Do you know who is doing this?” I asked. “It is the shadow.” Desi said. “Do you know where the voices are? The voices I have been hearing through this whole thing.” I asked. “No the shadow did not say where.” Issabella said. “You saw the shadow.” I said. “Yeah, he stops in to hurt Issabella.” Desi said. I helped Desi up and then we both helped get Issabella up. We heard something coming but we don’t know what was coming. Issabella was shacking in terror. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “He’s coming! He’s coming!” Issabella said over and over again. “Let’s go then.” Desi said. We picked up Issabella because she was in no fit to run. She was in both of arms. “Wait I promised to free the voices.” I said. We went the way the trapdoor was. The one the green eyes man showed me. I could feel something following us. Issabella started to scream. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “Run just run!” Issabella said. “But there is no way out. I have no way to get us out.” I said. “The rock on the left side, just push it and we will get out of here.” Issabella said. Desi grabbed the rock and it worked. Issabella did it. How did Issabella know that? I thought to myself. We got out but we were not alone. The green eyes man was waiting there staring blank into space like Desi was before I found here. The voices were talking to me again but they were talking at the same time. “Stop it! One at a time.” I yelled. Issabella and Desi just looked at me. They were leading me to their bodies and telling me how to set them free. I had to burn their body. They were telling me that I had super speed. I was surprised. I grabbed Issabella and Desi hanged on to my back and I started to run. We got to the spot but there was this shadow that was flowing in the air. Issabella was screaming on top of her lungs when she saw him. He was saying something. He said, “Get out of here. You cannot help them.” “Yes I will now get out of the way or I will go through you.” I said. He would not move so I went through him. Issabella would not stop screaming until we got away from him. I could feel that I was getting close to the voices. I turned the corner and there they were all the bodies of the voices I have been hearing. I was trying to start a fire to burn the bodies. The fire finally got started and I flung the bodies into the fire. The voices were disappearing one by one. Finally I got the last body and the room felled happier like all the sadness was gone. We left to find a way out. I searched and searched everywhere. The green eyes man found us and for some reason Issabella did not scream when she saw the green eyes man. She was so relieved to see the green eyes man. He led us to the way out. I just looked at him. “Thank you.” I said. That was the last thing I remembered and I have not seen him in my dream yet.

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Short Story
writing KNSJ
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This is a dream I a long time ago that I remember and wrote down. It was like a nightmare to me actually, I could never forget it and sometimes I still have it to this day in different ways.
A Word from the Writer
It was the start of how I began writing now. This is the inspiration I got to write more.