Who? "fairy" What? "flute" Where? "Castle"

A fairy.  Do you know what a fairy is?  Most seem to think a fairy is a dainty miniature lady with wings who hangs around flowers all day.  I'm here to tell you that is FALSE.  Well, mostly.  I mean, I can see where they get the idea from.  Let me tell you a little about my life...
I was born in Pansy Parcel, a small province located in the Western Forest.  (I'm sorry if you don't know where that is.  I'm not going to tell you.)  It's true that we're a little smaller than a human...ok, so we're a lot smaller.  But we can make ourselves appear bigger.  We do not have wings, as cool as that would be.  We have to get around in more creative ways just like you folks.  I am not a fairy princess, nor am I a local hero any way.  I'm just a fairy. 
My parents did not die when I was very little... however, I'm not with them.  In fact, most fairy children raise themselves.  The average lifespan of a fairy is about 30 human years, and we spend most of that time away from our parents.  Why?  They're busy with other things.  Once a young fairy can walk, talk, eat, and sleep by themselves, they are released and expected to find their own way.  Of the fairies who survive after leaving, most attend school.  They say it's easier to learn the ways of life.  Many live together in groups.  I suppose they tell them to in the school. 
Some of us don't ever go to school.  There are groups of those, as well.  Then there are the indees.  These are the fairies who make their own way all the way.  Alone.  The other fairies don't generally associate with the indees for whatever reason.  Maybe they're afraid.  Maybe they think they're better... Anyways, this brings us to me.  Yes, in case you haven't got it yet, I'm one of those "Indees."  I never saw what the big deal was.  I just want to do things my own way. 

I think of myself as almost adult... though my body hasn't even finished maturing yet.
Sometimes I watch the others, out of curiosity.  They behave...differently...then I.  Some seem lost and hungry, while others appear to only ever please the teachers and elder fairies.  What a life, I always think.  Who would confine themselves like that? 
I live in a nice little area, far enough away that I'm not bothered by masses, but close enough that I can occasionally watch and study them.  They seem a different race to me.  I observe them as I do the birds or the deer or the ants climbing up my tree.  I think a few other indees live nearby.  I wouldn't blame them, it's a good place.  I catch a glimpse of one every so often, but we never talk with each other.
I love my nook.  I'm quite confident in telling you it's the best place anyone could live.  I sleep atop a large Tingle tree.  I feel the most secure when I can keep watch from up high.  One particular spot of twisted and tangled branches makes for the most comfortable bed, especially when I pile it high with soft leaves and fur.  There are a few branches and leaves over my head for shelter.  The rest of the tree is where I keep my food and collections.  It's way more room than one small fairy needs.


This morning I awoke when the sky was just beginning to glow.  I climbed the last few branches to the very top of my tree, as I often do, to watch the night transform into day.  So early in the morning I have the world to myself.  But this morning was different.  As I rested on a scrawney branch, enthralled by the deep oranges and reds in the sky, I heard an eerie tune drifting through the breeze.  I sometimes hear birds or other animals, but this was different.  Some fairy or other intelligent creature was making this sound.  I'd seen strange instruments other fairies made, from wood or grass.  They would play music in groups or alone... but nothing like this.  This was the most beautiful sound I'd ever heard.  Cautiously, quietly, I slipped along the leaves.  The sound seemed to be coming from the west, toward the end of the land. 


"I've been waiting for you,"  He said in a soft, calming voice, "come on inside."
I wanted to say no.  Why should I trust him?  I'd never really spoken to anyone since I left my parents.  Why did he think he was so special?  Yet as my mind had fought the invitation, my feet had accepted, and I was already following gracefully.

“What is your name, beautiful one?” he offered his hand. I took it without even thinking.

“L...lill...lil...” it was strange to be speaking to another like myself, and for some reason I couldn't seem to utter my own name. I knew this day would come, when I would find another fairy to be with. Perhaps I'd end up with him forever, as my parents and stories had said. But this was not how I'd imagined it.

“Well, Lil, welcome to my nook.” He pulled me inside. What a scene! My own nook seemed ugly and pitiful in comparison.

He smiled at my reaction, “I do like this place. Come, sit,” he beckoned me. He pointed to what looked like a mushroom carved into a cozy bed. “Relax.”

I sat awkwardly, still taken aback by this dream.

“Here, you thirsty?” he handed me a beautiful cup made from some exotic flower.

“Wha...what is it?” I didn't want to drink something unfamiliar.

“Water, that's all,” he laughed, “no need to worry, silly.”

I still wasn't sure, but I took a sip. It tasted like water. Relieved, I drank the rest. He sat on the floor and watched me for a moment.

“I was beginning to think you wouldn't come,” he said sadly, “what took you so long?”

“I...well, wait, how did you know...?”

“I do a bit of observing myself,” he winked.

I blushed, “I wanted to watch you first,” I told him, “I wanted to see if you were worth visiting.”

He sighed, “But of course I am, you see now. I only want to be your friend.”

Something melted inside of me. At last, I felt comfortable. I felt at ease. We continued talking, and soon I found myself sharing everything with him as he shared with me.

I woke up with a chill. I woke up? When did I fall asleep? The last thing I remembered was...was...or was that a dream? I opened my eyes cautiously. They felt heavy and puffy. It was dark and my vision was blurry. I felt different. I was not in my bed atop my beloved tinkle tree. I didn't know where I was. I desperately tried to remember my dream...or whatever it was. Who was that fairy man? As I strained to remember, his face came into my head. “I'm Syllic, the gnome,” the sneering face said. A gnome. It had not been a dream. How could I have been so weak? Groaning, I tried to move. My body ached. The pain was the worse I'd ever felt. Worse than the time I'd slipped while climbing and fell into a blackberry bush. Worse than all the times I'd tripped or fallen or scraped against the bark. It hurt inside and out, every part of me. I felt fragile and insecure. I wanted to cry. But I don't cry. Crying is the last thing a fairy does when in trouble.

I felt warmth beneath me. What had I been sleeping on? Wincing, I tried to roll over. I had to use every bit of energy I had, but I did it. I touched the warmth. It was soft. The soft moved. It felt like skin.

“Heh..e...hel...” I tried to call hello, but my throat was rough and sore. The creature beneath me groaned in response. I tried to focus and see who or what it was. Slowly, my vision cleared a little. It was not completely dark, but it was late, and I was inside.

I stared intently at the mass of life. It was a fairly large creature...or wait...was it? Suddenly it clicked. I was not with one creature but several. They were fairies, like me. Mostly female but there appeared to be a few young males, as well.

“You just got here, huh?” a female voice muttered from beside me, “you ought to be quiet. We're trying to sleep.”

“Uh...s..sorry,” I stumbled over my words, confused at this relaxed salutation, “but...whe...who...?”

“You're not so great at the whole communicating thing, are you?”

I blushed as she chuckled. It was true. I hadn't formed a successful word since I'd arrived here.

“In answer to your question, no one really knows what this is, where we are, or why we're here. We just are here. And I'm Tkif.”

“Oh...” I had a sudden stab of frustration, “I'm Lilietta.”

We lay in silence for a moment. Confusion and pain sliced through my being, over and over. My insides felt like a whirlpool.

“So...” Tkif spoke up again, “how'd you get here?”

“I'd be content to not talk about that.” Recounting what had happened in my last few waking hours was not my idea of smalltalk.

“Oh...must have been like me then. Sorry...I just wonder...”

“Yeah,” my head was spinning more and I was finding it hard to stay conscious, “I...I'll just...we'll talk...later.” I relaxed and spiraled into blackness.


I've been waiting for you,” his daunting eyes met mine. Those smooth muscles, that deftly carved jaw bone... “Come in...” he was pulling me...the door slammed shut. Black.

I shook. I was...moving. A million whispers suddenly surrounded me. I quickly remembered what had happened as I felt the mass of limbs arising around me.

I felt better. Besides a dull ache in my head, the pain seemed to have dissipated in my sleep. I was afraid to open my eyes though... afraid of what I might see, afraid of being caught awake. Gently I allowed one eye to peek between eyelids. It was definitely lighter.

It looks pretty creepy when you do that,” a familiar voice taunted.

I opened my eyes wide. A lengthy fairy sat casually next to me. She had deep red-brown skin and wore a long dress of round, pointed leaves. I'd never seen fairies with such color. She had bright strings of magenta blossoms for hair.

Tkif, right?” I asked.

Tkif nodded, satisfied, “Most can't pronounce my name,” she laughed, “The closest they can come is 'Chif.'”

I smiled at my accomplishment, “So...umm, where did you come from?”

I used to live in Roway...I'm a Rosewood Fairy. I don't know which direction I came from...I just know it was a long journey. I don't think anyone here is from as far away as I am... what about you?” I think...” for the first time I got a good look at my surroundings. We were in the hallow of a tree. I knew this wood well; it was my own kind, a tingle tree. We couldn't be too far away from Pansy Parcel.

I'm starving,” Tkif held her stomach, “want to get some food?”

If we can get outside I know lots of places to find great food.”

Tkif laughed as she got to her feet, “You're a funny one.”

She pulled me up and led me over to the line where everyone else had been congregating. be continued... ;)

Thomas_UK   Thomas_UK wrote
on 2/17/2012 6:08:43 AM
Thought this was beautiful. I could really see it all unfolding and especially liked the way she was drawn in by the beautiful music. I was with her every inch of the way and felt both the magic and the pain of her journey. I'd love to read more. Have you written any more? I've never really written anything that would class as fantasy, but I might give it a go now. :-)

on 5/25/2010 4:26:54 PM
I see your story as a picture book from very beginning. Very colorful...I would like to read more. Are there any conflicts ahead of her? I like the fact that you included a lot of conversations.

Moonrose   Moonrose wrote
on 5/25/2010 1:58:57 PM
I liked it :) I like your character a lot, right from the beginning, when she was so matter-of-fact and funny and everything lol. It wasn't boring at all, but I did get a little confused at the kidnapping part, when she was drawn in by the beautiful sound. Perhaps that was just me, though... I'm prone to blonde moments ;) Anyways, nice job, please do post more! ^.^

KLHpensil   KLHpensil wrote
on 5/11/2010 1:30:30 PM
Um, thanks. I'm usually pretty decent with grammar. What I'd really like comments on is content. Did it draw you in? Or was it boring? Were you confused? Or did it flow smoothly?

Elton4562   Elton4562 wrote
on 5/11/2010 6:32:07 AM
Hey, Nice little fantasy. You have done well with sentence structure, grammar and spelling. Keep up the good work. Elton

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