Destiny's child chp 2

Waking up to the sound of my parent’s shouting I got up to change. Looking out the window, I saw the world was bright and colorful. Many would think it the best time of the day but to me it was the gloomiest time of all. It was the same thing every morning my parents would wake me due to their constant arguments, going to school, and returning back home. Life I felt was just plain boring.

          This morning, was no exception because my parents were picking at each other again. I crept into the kitchen to get some breakfast. What I saw was horrifying; the kitchen was a total mess. Nothing was in its place. This was their worst fight ever. Praying silently that my parents wouldn’t see me I ate quickly and left.

          Returning home late in the afternoon, I realized the house was to quite. Consciously I entered the house, inside it was pitch black and the silence was eerie. Looking for a light source, I tripped. Picking myself up I realize I had tripped on a body. Taking a closer look, to my utter bewilderment I saw my mother. Falling back in fright, I fell on top of another body which I knew to be my father.

This was too much for a young school girl. I ran towards the door but couldn’t move. My feet were glued to the floor. I tried to pull myself free. Then I saw a figure moving in the dark. The first thing that came to mind was that the figure was my parent’s murderer. I was frozen all over. The figure was approaching me with quick and confident steps, smiling a maniac smile. Panicking I tried pulling even harder, the figure started to laugh. It was then that I noticed that the harder I tried the worst my situation.

The figure was just barely a meter from me, but I could sense a strange feeling burning in me. My heart and soul were in turmoil. Even so I tried to keep my pounding heart from giving away the fear I felt for the figure had unlocked memories of darkness from whence I was younger but failed. It stood for a while clearly enjoying the fear it had instilled.

Now the figure was just a breath from me. My body was trembling so terribly that I almost fell. The figure wasn’t human. It had long sharp talons, fiery wings, and where the eyes should have been were two empty sockets. It raised its talons ready to strike. I braced myself for death.

When I woke it was already light. I was lying on a nice soft bed and beside me was a young boy at around my age. He had a small build and blond hair. I was struggling to get up but the boy pushed me gently pushed me back down.

“Don’t strain yourself. You might just open the wounds again.” Said the boy.

          I asked the boy many questions about what happened and how I arrived but he just kept silent. The only question he would answer was his name.

          A car pulled up front and the boy, Ren who saw my mouth itching for answers excused himself and left. He returned with a stocky woman which was his mother and soon I came to know that someone or something had sent me here. It was getting late now, and I was left alone to rest.

          The very next morning, I got up to explore the house. It was just a typical Japanese house. As I explored more, I realized I recognized this place and was soon walking about like I had lived there my whole life. This wasn’t possible for I had never been into this house let alone Japan.

          I ransacked my brain to find that I had seen this house many times before on the television when I was back home. Dormant memories of stories about the many different worlds suddenly reawakened.  I was unable to accept the fact that I was in a strange new world until I took my first step out of the house.

          I told Ren everything but he thought I was just worried that now I was a picture of health I would be left alone and homeless. That thought had never occurred to me but since he mentioned it, it annoyed me.

I was soon made part of their family and Ren became my closest friend. All my memories of my life before were forgotten save for the night I saw my parent’s dead bodies for every night the scene would replay in my mind. I feared for my new family.

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Novel / Novella
writing JuneLynn
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