Destiny's Child 3
Where are you taking me?" I asked Ren as he was pulling me along an avenue I had never been to. He turned and gave a sly smile and said "You'll see." I knew him well enough not to question any further and followed him obediently.1

"You're almost there. Just a little more." Ren shouted. He was just a block away but I was so tired the words were but just an audible whisper. The words were of no comfort. My legs were aching and I was all sweaty but all the same I dragged my feet to where Ren stood.2

Ren was waiting outside the entrance of the newest and biggest park in town. We both entered. The trees touched the bright and now orange-red sky and the light seemed to melt in the water. The sight was just astounding. Then I noticed out of the corner of my eye balloons, tables, chairs and lots of goodies. Forgetting how tired I was I ran toward it. I was too distracted to notice that Ren had disappeared.3

"Surprise" a bunch of people shouted and jumped from the trees. I fell. Regaining my composure I saw my friends. Starting from the right was Ren's baseball team, the ninja, Naruto, three brothers (Gwendel, Conrad and Wolfram) from the Demon Kingdom and King Yuri himself.4

After making sure I was alright. We got the party started. There was singing; dancing and laughter fill the air. It was a truly merry time. I wished the night would never end.5

Then came the sound of galloping horses. Only the royal household was allowed horses and they rarely come out. Usually, they only come out when there is a situation to be dealt with. Every one stood still, wondering what they did wrong. Two officials came down the horses. One was tall and lean while the other was short and fat. Together both men walked toward me.6

Just like any regular person in my situation I shouted "I didn't do it." They looked indifferent than they were before. Clearly they were used to it.7

"We mean you no harm. We are Queen Clarisse's advisors. My name is Ray and this us John. We were sent here to escort you to the castle."8

Knowing what I wanted to ask before I opened my mouth.9

John said: "You are Her Majesties missing daughter, Princess Juliana."10

I didn't believe a word they had said. It was stupid. My parent's were dead and I didn't even belong to this world.11

"You're crazy." I screamed and stomped off angrily.12

"Wait, Ju…….Whoa!" 13

Ray and John were both high in the sky, struggling to get down. Then just as soon as it happened, Ray and John were falling back down to earth. Both fell flat on the ground. Everyone was momentarily stunned.14

Suddenly, remembering me. Ren ran after me. He saw me venting off my anger by kicking stones into the pond. He waited for the right opportunity and asked "How did you do it?" 15

"Do what?" I asked heatedly.16

"You know, Ray and John floating then falling." He prompted.17

"I did no such thing." I shrugged and ran home. Ren did not move. Inside I knew what I had done. Ever since young I had always made strange things happen. It was eating me alive.18

In the privacy of my bedroom, I lay on my bed crying wondering not for the first time what I was. 19

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Novel / Novella
writing JuneLynn
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