Time Machine
While taking a cruise along River Drive, I decided to stop at a small scenic overlook.  I put my car in park, opened the door, and lit a cigarette.  As I stepped around the front of my car, and sat on the dusty hood, a slight breeze kicked up.  This breeze brought with it a crisp chill, and a faint whiff of the refineries acrid output. Behind me to the left was the distant solitary whistle of a train engine.  That, and the quiet hum of traffic in the background reminded me of the busy little city I had left behind, just a few minutes before.  The great falls that give my city its name were defeated and muted in order to generate more efficient energy. All marks of mans domination over the land, but as I turned to the right towards the river and away from town, I could imagine the land as it was when it was still new, before it was subdued.  

    The still calm waters, and gently rolling white caps, of the river seemed to deny the existence of the bustling little metropolis no more than a quarter of a mile away.  a pair of easily gliding geese, honking their merry praises to the world they lived in, served to make the illusion that much stronger.  I could almost hear the mighty thunder of the falls before they where tamed by concrete.  as the sun set over the river, dusky twilight began to settle over my little overlook, and into the very core of my being. For a moment it was as if I had found a bridge between the uncharted world of lewis and clark and the fast paced world of today,my own private time machine.

    Ah, but sadly the city had other plans, and I was beckoned home with the alarmed blare of a car horn, I was ripped away from my private time machine, and forced to return to the present.  The crisp chill had turned into a biting cold, and the light of day had drained from the land. I wanted to stay and stand on my bridge in time, but the ring of my cell phone was an urgent reminder of the present.   it was time to go home, go back to the hustle and bustle of the here and now, but I will always have that brief moment between worlds.

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Novel / Novella
writing John_Drydin
"History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it" ~Winston Churchhill~
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