A New World

    The lone hunter stood on the crest of a low hill, systematically surveying the landscape of this new world.  The grassy little knoll he stood on was the first in a series of gently rolling foothills leading away from the great ocean that lay in deceptive serenity behind him.  “New World”, Drydin thought the term was not right for this land.  This expansive land full of unclaimed wealth, was in no way a new world.  While he had never imagined that this land would be so vast; he knew that it was created eons before he was.  However, the inhabitants and their rituals were relatively new, when compared with the jagged granite peaks that extended up from the earth to touch the sky.  Just because the people’s rituals were foreign to this land did not mean that they lacked the power to affect the land.  Drydin’s presence was evidence of that.
     Before embarking on his voyage to this “new world” the old world was buzzing with heated debate over the wealth and wonders to be found and exploited in this unexplored land.  Explorers and path finders have been stumbling on these shores for centuries.  Now with the rise of “science” the western world’s understanding of the scope and size of their world had been leaning more tword the truth and away from old superstitions and myths.  Soon fleets of large boats would sweep across the vast ocean, filled to the brim with armies of hardened and armed men.  These men would seek to challenge the brutal nature underlying this pristine wilderness.  
     The warriors would be followed by soft educated men, and refugee families.  The soft educated men would work from the base set up by the soldiers; they would use foreign labor and local stone to shape the landscape into something familiar to the families. Those families would then come in droves, escaping the tyrannical rulers of old Europe.  After the families came, the rise of new nations would be inevitable.
     The armies, engineers, and families would seek to conquer this land and its native people.  Drydin knew that the natives wouldn’t give up such a grand prize without a bloody fight.  He wondered how well these simple people would stand up against the tide of remorseless metal that would soon break upon these crystalline shores.  They would fight valiantly, and loose gloriously to the million headed beast known to europeans as “progress”.  The hunter wondered what would happen to the tainted hearts of the conquerors when their cold steel met with fire from the ancient spirits of this land…..

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Novel / Novella
writing John_Drydin
"History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it" ~Winston Churchhill~
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