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Everyone longs for what they do not possess. It is a trap we are all victime to and where many stay consumed by this trap of "Lust". However some are clever enough to stand on their own two feet and in order to step forward begin by asking endless amounts of questions to find a "cure" for this addiction. These people are the "Thinkers". Their conclusion simply being that we must focus on what we do have in order to be rid of this "Lust" and "Longing".
It's like looking at a painting close up, so close you can almost smell the paint. To be able to see the big picture we must start small after we discover more of who we are and improve each detail inside and out, we grow and grow as does the picture. The vision. Does this make any sense? To blow away the "lust" off our shoulders we must use the "cure". Let not the dust accumulate to cover our source of goodness within.

What I'm working up to is this idea of good and evil which everyone does infact possess from the day they enter the world. These two forces change and adapt to how we grow and what our feet grow into. What the painting becomes. We use our instinctive skills to make choices and differenciate between good and evil, therefore allowing us to lean one way or the other. So which way does your tree sway to? Will you let the sin of the earth build up and up until is has blocked out all view, or do you stand firm with the knowledge of these two forces, and choose by instinct and heart the path of Good. This choice is a gift and one that can be talked upon at many a table for it's a common factor we all gain possesion of. Disover, Discuss and Decide.

hitchensian   hitchensian wrote
on 2/6/2012 5:23:41 PM
This is a good write-up. It is bordering on the philosophical, John Locke would have agreed with some of the things that you said. You should have proofread though, as it is you made a few mistakes. I like your writings.

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