Hands grab me as I scream, crawling on my flesh and tearing me away from her burning blue eyes. I struggle against the hands I can’t see but I’m not strong enough as I’m flung head first into white and I wake up screaming.

My heart is racing in my chest and sweat pools on my forehead as I lay in complete darkness. Reaching up with my left hand I wipe the sweat away and the fog of the dream begins to slowly lift. I look around me for the first time and realize, my heartbeat rising again, that I have no idea where I am. Breathing deeply, I close my eyes and try to calm my rising panic.

“Okay, we’re a little lost in time, no big deal, right?” I say softly to myself, and my confidence builds until a long howl shatters the quiet and my delusions.

‘I’ll just have to wait till morning to find out where we are, I can’t see anything in this dark anyway.’ I think consolingly as I move to lie on my side, but something across my chest is restraining my a few tense minutes of struggling confirm that I cannot move and I soon realize that I am still buckled into a seat in the time machine.

My fingers fumble with the buckle, the tension springing from me like a too-tight shirt collar. It leaves my whole body feeling weak and shaken. Suddenly the buckle clicks open and I throw it up and over my head.

The metal buckle falls to the left side of my seat and hits the metal door with a reverberating “CLANG!” The sound jerks me from my stupor and a new wave of anxiousness crashes over me and strangles all relief from me.

My throat closes up with a sob as my ‘dream’ comes back to me and I remember how scared we both were. I shiver as her blue eyes haunt me, how they seem to quiver with fear before disappearing completely into the bright blue light.

Mommy's last words come floating back to me, her eyes filled with the same fear as she put me and my younger sister in the time machine. She had built it, with my help, on the vague theory that time travel was possible and it had remained in our basement untested, because mom wouldn’t let me try it out, until last night when mom had buckled me and Bulla in. The excitement of time travel was dimmed by the small problem that neither of us knew if we would ever see each other again.

I closed my eyes as I remembered that night:

I was shaken from my deep sleep by mom in the early morning before the sun had even gotten up. I yawned and opened my mouth to complain but one look at mommy’s face told me that she wasn’t in the mood for argument. She told me to wake my little sister and meet her down stairs in the lab. I rubbed my eyes and stretched as she left the room. My sister was half asleep when I dragged her from bed she was clutching that stupid bunny daddy got her for Christmas last year and I had to half-carry her down stairs.

Mommy’s hands were shaking as she fastened Sister's sleeping form into the seat next to mine, I had buckled myself and mommy told me to set the timer in front of me for ten minutes..

I’m going up stairs to make you some sandwiches but if I don’t come back in time the machine will take you where it’s safe.” Mommy said, as she held both our hands and looked at me with her eyes shining and tears coming out of them. I asked her why she was crying but she only smiled sadly at me and spoke in a real quiet voice.

I love you both very much, I’ll be right back with those sandwiches, Okay?” Her voice, I didn’t like how scared she sounded, it made me scared too. Sister whimpered in her sleep beside me and mommy hugged us both, kissing Sister on the forehead too. She hesitated before kissing me too but I didn’t wipe it off this time and she smiled that smile again before turning and running to the door. Mommy turned back at the doorway, hand on the doorknob, and spoke to me directly in that motherly tone I loathed to hear. I almost rolled my eyes!

Don’t roll your eyes at me! I want you to behave and take care of your sister for me until I get back, Okay?” Her voice wavered at the last bit but I ignored it. She was sounding normal now and it made me feel better, I nodded and she smiled that smile again, I wished she would stop doing that, before blowing a kiss and running out the door. I waited but she didn’t come back and we were sent off in a blaze of blue light and Sister woke up crying and…and…

I opened my eyes again and feel wetness on my cheeks, dripping down onto my shirt. I wipe away my tears with my shirt sleeve but my whole body trembles and I collapse on the steering wheel and begin to cry.

I’m startled from my tears a few moments later when my little sister’s small hand tugs on my sleeve and her sleepy voice pokes through my misery. She stares at me a moment, hugging her bunny rabbit and rubbing the sleep from her blue eyes cutely.

“Big bwuder? Why cwying? whews mommy and papa?” She says and for once I don’t know how to answer her, but before I can start she gasps excitedly and starts talking about a pony and her big day and a whole lot of  gibberish. I think she thinks were finding her a pony for her birthday….but I don't know. Suddenly she opens her door and jumps out. My eyes widen and  I try to grab her arm but I miss and fall onto the floor. I grab something on the right side of me and pull myself back up.

Suddenly the machine lights up again and I’m thrown to the floor and hit my head on the chair. A bright light flashes and then everything goes black.


JillianChan   JillianChan wrote
on 5/17/2008 1:48:31 PM
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Short Story
writing JillianChan
The person you fear most is yourself.
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