"Pappy Plays"

"Pappy Plays"

Page 1:
Pappy plays with me every year when my family visits him in the city.
Page 2:
We make forts and pretend we're bandits hiding out.
Page 3:
Pappy plays cards: 52-card-pick-up, Go Fish, and Memory.
Page 4:
Pappy plays harmonicas and drums and tambourines – and we laugh and sing to our own songs.
Page 5:
But one year, Pappy couldn't play our songs on the harmonica or beat the drum like he used to.
Page 6:
He forgot how to play Go Fish and couldn't remember where the cards were in Memory. He kept picking up the same two cards.
I had to keep reminding him how to play the game and to pick up new cards each time.
I was so angry at Pappy!
Page 7:
After we left, mom told me Pappy was sick and that he was moving out of the city into a new home where he can be taken care of.
She said many other people like Pappy live there.
Page 8:
But I didn't understand!
I was going to miss eating hot dogs at the stand in the city.
Pappy would give me a big hot dog with everything on it.
Page 9:
Then he'd put me on his shoulders and he'd let me hail a Taxi.
I would miss those things, but mostly, I would miss how Pappy was before.
Page 10:
The next day mom took me to our favorite playground and I asked again about Pappy, "Why can't Pappy play with me like he used to?"
Page 11:
"Pappy is still Pappy, he just gets confused sometimes. His Alzheimer's affects his brain, and that makes it hard to remember things."
"Can't he just take some medicine?" I asked.
"Doctors don't know why people get Alzheimer's yet, but they're trying to find a cure for it. The best you can do for him is to be patient with him and love him like always."
Page 12:
When we went to see Pappy at his new home, I was afraid at first because there were so many new people around! There were nurses and doctors and other people who lived there.
But I brought a surprise for my Pappy this visit.
Page 13:
I brought a deck of cards, a harmonica and a big hot dog with everything on it!
Pappy smiled so big and then he gave me a big hug, too!
Page 14:
Pappy played the harmonica and we laughed and sung to our own songs! He didn't play the songs like before, but we kept singing and laughing anyway.
Page 15:
Then, Pappy played cards with me. He made some mistakes, but I didn't say anything.
Page 16:
Pappy and I still play when I see him. He is still and always will be my Pappy!

Snowdrift   Snowdrift wrote
on 10/2/2009 8:10:58 AM
Yes.....this is a needed book. It shows beautifully the relationship of a child and grandparent and it keeps things "simple." I believe children and some of us adults need it that way. None of us can trully understand the disease but we can remember our loved one who has it and the "good times" we had. Congratulations.

SapphireCat   SapphireCat wrote
on 3/5/2009 6:59:09 AM
This is great! I can't wait to see the pictures you've drawn to go with it.

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writing Jgerling
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Rating: 10.0/10

The book is about the relationship between a grandson and his pappy. The grandson talks about all the things he loves about his pappy and then what he sees happening and changing after he develops Alzheimer's. I have drawn all 16 pictures and will be scanning them in soon.
A Word from the Writer
This little book that I dreamed up all began last year. As a part time job while I was in school, I worked at a nursing home as an activities coordinator and developed a real passion in the field. I realized I had never seen much of a book that teaches children about Alzheimer's (unless it read like an instruction manual). I decided to write a book that could really speak to a child about what may happen to their loved ones if they develop Alzheimer's. I think this would be something that belongs on every child's bookshelf.
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