Presidential Boredom

Presidential Boredom


So the excitement that I felt at the beginning of the Presidential Primaries has started to fade.  I’ll bet if you felt any buzz in December/January than you’re in the same sinking boat that I am.  We were all looking forward to a change of power from the Bush regime to something (anything) different, and we had all these great and inspirational candidates to choose from.  We had a woman (No, not Edwards!  I was talking about Hilary Clinton!) an African American and a whole slew of other interesting candidates like McCain (the most liberal, open minded, put-the-people first Republican I’ve ever seen) and Edwards (the second greenest, white politician ever.  Only trailing post-2004-loss Gore) and Ron Paul (not short on good ideas, just letters in his name).  The Possibilities!!!


Then, candidates started dropping like flies and those that were left started the all-too-familiar petty squabbling that we all recognize from elections past.  I kind of feel cheated, like all of these candidates were passing themselves off as something different, better, and now their true colors are showing now that the pressure is on to produce results.  The keyword for this election has been “change”, as in we’re all eager to change from the under-handed, over-aggrandizing of the current Administration (I have plenty of other colorful descriptions but I’m trying to keep this half-way PG).  They each talk about the “change” that they bring to the table, and how each candidate is the only candidate that brings “real” change.  Yet they are starting to slide in the low blows, accusations, and overall incriminations of everyone else.  It’s like an expensive, multi-media trip back to elementary school with a game of “I’m rubber, you’re glue”. 


I thought we were electing the next President of the United States.  Where’s the maturity?  The dignity?  The class?  At the beginning all the candidates seemed like good, kind-hearted, impressive individuals.  Now they sound like pompous, spoiled brats, bickering every time I turn on the radio or the TV.  One of these days there will be a special Jerry Springer with every politician in the US as guests, special seats reserved for Presidential Candidates.


Unlike elections in the past where the populace starts out with a sigh and resignation, this election truly seemed like it could be different.  None of the main candidates seemed like the conventional politicians that we’re so used to in these situations.  There seemed to be real good possibilities that there could be a major swing of policy and change, not the “real change” being proposed now (make note of the sarcastic nature of those quotation marks).  All those hopes that we were holding onto for this election just make it feel like a bigger betrayal now that the facades have dribbled away.  It’s no longer about voting a person into office, it’s about voting a Candidate into office, and those are two very different creatures.

Jeremiah P   Jeremiah P wrote
on 2/29/2008 2:08:22 PM
I apologize. Gore lost the 2000 election, not the 2004. My mistake.

Matt   Matt wrote
on 2/29/2008 9:44:24 AM
Nobody is getting sick of this. This is what this site is made for. Our hope is that folks that want to be better writers and share stories, thoughts, and advice have a place to do it.

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An editorial about the state of the Presidential Election. Frustrated? I am.
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