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Who? "grandma" What? "shot" Where? "restaurant"
"How did you manage to afford this?" Grandma asked. She sat down on the cushioned chair and gazed around with wonder in her blue eyes. She looked at her clothes and fiddled with the neck of her floral dress with shaky hands.
Her granddaughter Eva smiled and picked up a menu. "This might be the last time we see each other for a while, I had to do something special."
Eva's mother avoided her gaze, her eyes were still red from her hours of crying. Eva knew she didn't want her to emigrate but it had been her dream for so many years. Grandma understood. "You lucky girl," she had said. "You go to Australia find a job and a husband." Sometimes you have to clutch at opportunities with both hands even if it meant letting go of family ties, anyway these days with internet it wasn't as though she'd never see her family again.
"Lobster," Eva decided and put down the menu. "What do you think Grandma?"
"Prawn cocktail, oxtail soup, something with custard for dessert.Oh, look at that," Grandma traced her finger down the menu and licked her lips."Too much to chose from."
"I'll be back," Eva's mother got up an headed towards the ladies room, a tissue under her eyes.
"Don't worry love. She's just pining, her little girl is moving away. She'll be alright." Grandma squeezed Eva's hand.
Eva sighed. "What wine shall we have?"
They waited for her mother to come back before they ordered. Her eyes were swollen, she gave the waiter her order as she walked towards the table.
"Mother, look I don't want to upset you but..."
Her mother's eyes widened, she rested a fluttering hand on the back of the chair. She stood frozen.
Eva trie again. "I have to do this."
Her mother stared behind her not seeing Eva at all. Eva turned her head. Her mother grabbed her arm and pulled her from the chair. Eva slipped in her heels falling on the floor. She heard the gun shot. Screams. Shouts. She pulled herself up using a chair for support, legs wobbly like jelly, her heart pounding in her heart. What just happened?
Mick had his arm around her, he began leading her away from the table. "What are you doing?" she asked, trying to pull away. "Mother? What's going on?"
"You don't need to see this," Mick said.
Eva tore her arm away from his grasp and turned back to their table. Her mother lay on the floor, right by a splatter of blood and human matter. Eva ran over. She struggled in her heels and stumbled over a chair that had collapsed onto the floor. She reached out to her mother and felt her skin warm and clammy beneath her touch. She let out a breath she hadn't realised she'd been holding. She moved to her mother's other side to sit her up, she must have just fainted. Where was Grandma? She held her mother upright as best as she could, her body still shaking, facing her Grandma's chair which had fallen over. Eva blinked. Mick was by her side but she couldn't hear his voice. She could only focus on the fallen chair, the woman with the bullet hole in her forehead.
She stayed sitting there even after the police came. They couldn't get her to speak. Mick held her and tried to soothe her. Eventually she turned her head.
"What happened?"
Her mother stood the other side of the room in conversation with the police. Mick bit his lip.
"What just happened?" Eva shouted to the nearest police officer.
The female officer came over. "I'm sorry. A man just walked in and shot.."
"But. Why?" She felt her lip tremble but she coudldn't stop it.
The officer looked unsure what to say, she glanced over at Eva's mother who couldn't look in that direction.
"She was involved with a crime. She was shot for revenge."
"Revenge for what she didn't do anything."
Her mother heard her shouting and came over a broken tissue in her hands. "Your grandmother had secrets, Eva."

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Just the result of a who, what, where. Grandma, restaurant, shot. No ending as such
A Word from the Writer
Not reviewed, just written and posted. Did she run over somebody? Was she involved with a gang? Or do something questionable in her past? All I know is that character was the target.
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