old memorys die hard
The game you play with my mind never given me the resources or the time to patch up my heart i bet you never even stopped to think how bad it would hurt with the thought of you kissen another guy without your shirt if only you could put your self in my shoes you would see why i always came to you with all thoughs issues stayen up all night killing my self on the inside wondering if i could have stopped the last fight i cried with you i was ready to die for you the things you said to me i see now where all things said just to fc with my head i may have made some mistakes but at least i learn from thoughs slips in my life you'll just move to  the next guy and fc up his life it kills me that i still think of you every day at least once or twice knowing that it was you that i let in my life you took it for granted getting inside my wall well its built stronger than ever now so that thing will never fall when i think of your face instead of melting my heart it turns it to past the laughing i strived so hard to achieve with you now just just a memory that i put in my mouth and spit on the ground right after i chew spiting it on the ground finally making me laugh and giving you what you deserve and thats to frown your an old memory that just wont die but sooner or later i'll be on that pedestal exchange the words you suposevly held so dear yea i love you ain't nothen unless you really got someone to truly say it to sharing the rest of my life with the one i truly love and you'll still be the same girl you are now screwing over every guy behind their back its only a matter of time before they realize what i have and thats the fact that you ain't jack the difference between me and you is that one day i'll die with the one i love and you'll be with yourself in the mud

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