Slick, dark coat and raven, black hair
like some character from a techno-thriller
eyes me like I’m his next bout of trouble.
  he doesn’t speak.

I look away and remember
on my hands and the stench of vomit
at my feet.

There’s no time for arguing,
the night is on fire with anger,
but no one is throwing any gas on it.
  cooler heads may prevail.

All Hell breaks loose
swing wild like so many missiles
at scowling faces.

Deep, gut-wrenched howls, amidst
vapid curses and violent threats,
then I’m standing like a lone tree
  but I don’t speak.

Police sirens, howl and whine
in our hearts and minds
echo this hollow triumph.

Moqui_Takoda   Moqui_Takoda wrote
on 9/29/2008 12:23:41 PM
like a lone tree ... damn that is a fine fine image ... here's the deal, see, and I'm sure you know this: the cops and society want us weak and submissive and if you aren't they will punish you. even though police officers have no obligation to protect you, anywhere in the country, they say they do, but they do not ... their function is to find out who beat the crud out of you and your wife and then pat you on yer shoulder and all that ... now, here's how it works, a brawl is caused by two things and never by guys who are by themselves ... number one - being with friends who yer showing off for, a brawler always always has this and maybe some alcohol, and number two: there are women present ... now if you have a place where there are a bunch of guys who don't know each other and they are just having a nice time reading or whatever,,, they will not brawl, but if a friend or a woman walks in ... well, there you have it ... since you aren't allowed to protect yerself in this country, here's what you do, you just fall down and moan and weep and say they hurt you so bad and you won't get a ticket, but stand there like a tree and they will handcuff you, slam yer head down on the roof of the car and charge you with whatever it is they charge victims with these days ... oh, and the 'gaze' its the gaze that starts the fireworks,,,, you know .... the gaaaaaazzzze .... LOL ... the last time I was in a brawl, ijust stepped against the wall and like kinda scootched on outta there cuz i wasn't in themood, ya know? but anguish? nope. if i have ever hurt someone, no matter how seriously i had no remorse, did not even remember it the next day and slept like a baby .... I just don't care .... lololol LOLOLOL nice poem

Free Verse
writing Jazzcat
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Brawls, fist-fights, I've been in them, but never understood I took a look at the essence of it all... an attempt to understand it.