The Author Chapter 1



    It was a pleasant Sunday. The sun was starting to rise and its light was vastly being scattered all over the small town. Darkness was already covered with luminosity. It was my first time to be here in Beaufort, North Carolina. And I think that I would spend my junior high on this place.

    lived with my dad for fifteen years after my mom left me when I was three. Dad used to be an employee on a big company and was assigned on different places every year so we have to move every now and then. Before we transferred here, he already arranged my school papers so that tomorrow morning, when the school year starts, I would be able to continue my studies.

    The stillness of the morning made me afraid of what might happen here. As I go out of dad’s vintage car sodden in ashen-gray tincture, I glanced at the new house we were about to live in. It was not that bad. Its whitewashed wall seemed to be newly painted and there were no dust too. I took a few steps until I reached the doorway. The door’s hinges creaked as I enter. The hallway was neat and the carpet was clean. Everything was in order that I seemed to like it. I ran to the second floor to check out my room. On the door, there was a sticker note: Do not enter! Nice, I thought. As I open it, I stopped for a while and stared at the room. It was great. The bed was soft and there were models of cars on the desk beside the bed. I went out and headed to the first floor to check out dad but I noticed a small stair. I approached it and found that it was a stair to the attic. I stepped on it and it squeaked. It might be old and if I step on it I might fall down. But who cares? I went upstairs and opened the door. The room was occupied by living dusts and cobwebs and nothing looks different. I was about to go down when a chest captured my attention. It was a treasure chest. Before I opened it, I looked back at the door to see if someone was there. When I saw that there was no one, I opened it and found several things: a piece of old cloth, a game board, a rag doll, a plate and a diary. There was nothing unusual apart from the diary that was already torn and tied together by a piece of string.

    On the string, there was a note attached: do not read. I think for a while and decided to read it though there was a warning. Nothing could happen.

    I untied it and stared at the cover. There was an engraved word: My Novel, and under it was: Best Friends, Best Lovers. It was not a diary but a novel. I don’t know who the author since there was no name on it but it seems to be written with full passion. I took it and wiped the floor with the cloth and sat. I put the cover on the ground and read the first page. It was written at this very day.

    June 04, 2010

    It was a gloomy Monday to start the week. It was also my first day as a junior on Jaz High. I was in a hurry because I was already late for class that morning. If I just woke up early I wouldn’t arrive late. I was afraid my classmates would have a bad impression of me.

    I got up and cleaned my bed and poured hot chocolate on the tea cup. I took a sip before I went to the bathroom. After about five minutes, I headed to my bedroom and changed my clothes. After that, I drank the whole chocolate and headed towards the gate. I scurried to the school and headed to my room.

    As I pass through the small bridge from the school garden, I was bumped by someone. I barely notice who it was since I was in a rush. But before I could take a step, she yelled at me.

“Look where you are going!” she bellowed.

“You should be saying that to yourself. You are the one who knocked me,” I said sarcastically.

“I wouldn’t hit you if you weren’t blocking my way.” I don’t have any time to argue but she kept on insisting it was my fault.

“All right, fine. It was my fault. Are you happy now?”

“Good!” she stood up after picking up her things and then smiled scornfully. “Out of my way will you.”

    I moved to my right and let her pass through. As I check the time from my wrist watch, I realized that I was already fifteen minutes from my class because of that stupid girl. I dashed up to the hallway and went directly to the second floor. I passed through the quiet foyer and searched for room 202. Finally I found it on the end of the corridor. I was quite nervous because it was the first day of school and I am late. Before I entered, I took a deep breathe.

    “Sorry I’m late!” I said catching for my breath as I bowed my head from the embarrassment as soon as I reached the doorway.

    An odd looking professor who was holding a booklet moved her spectacles up and down as she stares at me. She must be Mrs. Nare – my professor.

    “I would take your sorry for this day but I would not allow it anymore, better watch the time closely. Okay Mr. Justin, you may occupy the seat on the last row.” She seems to be so strict.

    I went to the last row and took the empty seat. I dropped my bag on the floor and took my blue booklet and searched for the page of the subject they were discussing. The writings on the blackboard said that the topic was all about poetry. I looked for the poem “Invictus” but it was nowhere to be found on the booklet. I tried to ask the guy in front of me but the room was dead silenced that I had to think twice. I better have a good image on Mrs. Nare – the witch of my school year. After a few minutes, Mrs. Nare stood up and gave us a seat work about the poem and still, I haven’t figured out what page it was. I was out of patience that I decided to ask my seatmate who seemed to be serious on what she was doing.

    “Hey, what page is that?”

    She looked at me and her face turned into a frozen stone. It was a long pause after she finally spoke. “You? What are you doing in my class? Stop following me!” she whispered infuriately. She was that stupid girl.

    “This is my classroom too. And I am not following you! Of all the girls in this campus, I would not have any reason to follow you. You are not pretty, attractive and most of all, you are crazy, you lunatic! I’d rather follow her than you!!!” I pointed at the girl wearing huge glasses and braids on the other side of the room.

    “So? You thought you were handsome? Well I believe you are wrong! You are so arrogant yet you’re brain is just this big!” she raised her hand and mimicked that she was a holding a piece of peanut.

    There was brief silence between us two when someone shouted.

    “Louisa!” It was Mrs. Nare pointing at her. I sat properly and acted like I was doing the seat work she gave us as Louisa stood up. “I think it’s better for you to leave this room than create a noise. You are just new here yet are creating so much trouble. I was so disappointed about you!”
    “But… but it was not my fault…”

    “Stop making excuses! I would forgive you this day but better be careful of your attitude.” she yelled. Louisa obeyed her and sat down

    “You’ll pay for this you little monster!” she whispered angrily after.

    I was quite worried about her though I don’t know why. It was really my fault that I wanted to talk to her again and apologize but somehow, I was afraid.  I tried to look at her and saw that she was really upset. I opened my mouth but I closed it before I could speak. I was guilty of what I just did.

    I gnawed the end of my pencil still thinking about her. We were just a seat apart from each other yet it feels like it was miles away. I stared at the clock hanging above the blackboard waiting for the dismissal time. The witch was speaking in front of us but I could not understand a word of what she says.

    Finally, the bell rang and students started to go out of their respective rooms. I decided to stay for a few minutes until everyone was out except me and Louisa.

    “I… I…” I said slowly.

    “Stop it! Don’t you have any pity? I was almost embarrassed to the whole class and still you don’t even seem to care. What’s wrong with you?” she said furiously.

    “I just wanted to say sorry. I just want to be your friend.”

    “You want to be my friend?” I nodded. “Then stay away from me!” she took her things and left without another word.

    I tried to follow her but someone inside me said that it was better to stay away. I really wanted to apologize to her, that’s all. I went out of the room lonely and quite guilty. I went to the cafeteria and saw that she was eating alone. After I took my tray of food, I sat on the table where she was.

    “Can I sit here?”  I asked her.

    “Don’t you have other persons to bother? Oh I forgot, yes you can sit here.”

    “Thanks!” I smiled at her and smiled back. Maybe she was ready to be my friend. I was so lucky to be friends with her finally. I tried to speak to her but she left the table.

    I reached for the bottle of milk and offered it at her as an apology gift. “Here, take this.” But she just passed me as if she didn’t saw me. “Please!” I insisted as I took her hand and gave it but she refused and the milk spilled on her dress. “No! I’m…” I gulped. “I’m really sorry!”

    “Look what you’ve done! That’s it. You want to embarrass me, then I think you need to taste my wrath you devil!” she scurried away from me as she clean off the milk from her dress using a hankie.

    Now what should I do? She must be really angry at me. What have I done? It was my first day at school but I feel like it would be last day. Ugh!!! I growled as I snatched my bag and went back home. 


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Novel / Novella
writing Jaztien
"I am not worthy to write. But I am writing to be worthy."
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An extraordinary love story bounded together in a novel you've never read before. It was on June 04, 2009 when Justin found a diary novel at the attic of their new house on Beaufort, North Carolina. On the same date, Justin read it and the story started. A story about two best friends who began falling for each other. But friendship came over and hid their emotions towards each other making their feelings a secret. Once you had the ending for a story, do you have what it takes to change it the way you wanted it to? The Author proves that everyone has a chance to change what destiny has written. And the author is you...
A Word from the Writer
This was my first novel, based on the story about me and my friend. But then, I hid my feelings up to this day. If only I could change what destiny stated, then I could finally be the Author of my Fate.