Right Now

Right now
Is the time I love most.
Because as I’m writing,
I can see your image in my brain.
Every detail of your face just as perfect as
It is when you’re sitting there with me.
And then you whisper in my ear
And your lips gently graze my neck,
Those tingles start again.

From the nape of my neck to my toes.
Whenever I’m with you,
I can’t help but stare.
I try so hard,

But you’re the most addicting poison I’ve ever met.
So bad for me but
I simply can’t stay away.
I’m attuned to you now.
Your tinkling bell of a laugh,
The way your smile lights up the darkness in my life,
The way your beautiful eyes stare straight through me,

And go right into my soul.

It’s as if you can sense me.
This is what I’ve been waiting for.
I’ve fallen into love and

It’s made life worth living,
But I would quickly give up my life
Just to spare yours.

It’s so marvelous,
That words cannot describe.
If I must try,
I would say it was like
Floating onto a cloud and flying to the Milky Way,
but that doesn’t even compare,
unless I’m doing all of that
With you.
And I would give everything up just to spend a minute with you.

I know that I’m wrong for falling in love.
Yet I just can’t seem to stay away.
You can call me a masochist,
Call me obsessed,
Call me crazy and stupid,
But the only thing that’s true is
That I’m head over heels for you.
I’m picturing you walking.
You’re coming straight to me,
And your long wavy hair caresses your back
like a chocolate river.
I’m loving the way you’re walking,
As if your feet are tickled by the grass.
You’re so bubbly and pleased to see me
That the whole world has to stop and grin at
this amazing creature,
This gorgeous, loving soul,
This outstanding wonder,
That for some reason,
Loves me back.
How could you not stare?
It’s not as if you can blame them.
Everyone is astonished and
Clueless as to how such a person can exist.
A goddess, perhaps,
Sent to study the human nature?

If so,
I just may be the luckiest experiment in the world.

If your heart stopped beating,
I don’t know what I’d do.
Existence without someone like you
Is meaningless.

I want to hold you forever
And never let go.
A single white dove,
The example of grace,
Should be kept away from humans;
Impossible to hurt.
If I could protect you from
The harsh reality of the world,
I would do it in a heartbeat.

But for now,
All I can do is hold you in my arms
And block out everyone else.
You and I will enjoy this moment.


We will survive,

And together,
We will teach the world
The meaning of the words
True Love.

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