giant hamster

  I woke up to my sister screaming, "It bit me! It bit me!" 

"What the..." I said drowsily. my sister, Ashley, was 9 years old.  She had red hair, big green eyes and she was really annoying.

"Make it stop bleeding! Make it stop!!! It hurts!" Ashley screamed.

  "What bit you?...Oh my hamster. Why the heck were you playing with him?! I've told you about a hundred times not to play with him. He's named Nibbles for a reason you know." I scolded. 
"But it hurts sooo much!"
"Well that's your fault, alright? I keep telling you to not to play with him and what do you do? You ignore me and get hurt!  Get out of my room! Now!"
"I bet you don't even care...*sniff*...I bet you are  glad that Nibble bit me *sniff*." Ashley said quietly.
I just sighed. I brushed my black hair out of my eyes as he went over to the hamster tank. I had  blue eyes and I was 14 years old. Nibbles squeaked which broke into my thoughts. I wonder why Ashley was playing, or whatever she was doing, with Nibbles. She knows that she's not allowed to touch him. I thought. I went over to the hamster tank to see blood every where. Nibbles had orange fur, with white spots. "Gross. Hm? Nibbles, you seem to have grown bigger, i swear you have-"
"I'm coming, I'm coming..." I said. 
"well, you better hurry!" she yelled. When I got down my mom was standing there with her hands on her hips. She had black hair and green eyes. "Why didn't you tell me that you let Ashley play with Nibbles?! She got hurt!"
"I didn't let her. She just always barges into my room and-" A crash from my room interrupted me. I dashed upstairs to my room to see Nibbles licking the blood from my cage he seemed to grow a bit. "Uh... Nibbles, no, don't lick up Ashley's blood no, stupid hamster, no!" I said to the seemingly innocent hamster. When Nibbles just licked all the blood away he squeaked, and his eyes, usually brown, now were red and glowing . Nibbles started growing rapidly and then, his cage shattered. Nibbles growled and turned over to I. "w-wow... um...uh...hello nibbles...uh...nice hamster. I uh like your eyes... They give you a kind of cute look." Nibbles growled again and started towards me. I ran out of my room door quickly locked it and slammed it shut. "That was a close one..." I said to myself. When I went downstairs I heard a crack and wood splintering. "Ben? What is that noise?" My mom asked me.
"My gigantic hamster who wants me for some random reason." I replied trying to be calm.
" What was that sound? Seriously, tell me the truth."
"My gigantic hamster who wants me for some random reason!" I yelled, this time hysterical. "He might want some carrots...but we might have to buy like a ton... you know what i mean...?"
"Ben, stop talking nonsense..." Then, the doorbell rang.
"I'll get it!" I said. I went over to the door and opened it.
"Hi". It was Johnathan, my mom's boyfriend,
"Oh..uh hi John... are you doing today...?" A crash sounded.
"What was that? Is everyone okay...? What are you doing?" John asked.
"Oh, just some spring cleaning...everything is,uh, going good..."
"It's not spring..."
" but we're cleaning... Yeah--we are," I mumbled.
"May I please come in?"
"'s really dirty...i don't think so...goodbye!" I slammed the door shut in John's face.
"I can help if it's really dirty you know..." came John's muffled voice through the door. I ignored him and turned around to see two glowing red eyes and huge sharp teeth. I screamed like a little girl, I couldn't help it, I then ran behind the couch for cover. "Hello? What was that?" Came John's muffled voice, once again, "Is every one okay? who screamed? Is every one okay? Hello...?" I just ignored him because i had more important things to worry about. Nibbles sniffed the empty air and then slowly walked towards the couch. I held my breath. Then, Nibbles bit the couch and threw it to the side of the room. He stared down at me menacingly. He squeaked joyfully and opened his mouth and started towards me. A bang sounded and Nibbles roared and turned around. It was my mom holding my BB-gun.
"Mom!...Now do you see what i mean...?" I said
"Yes Ben i now see what you mean. Oh, and who was at the door?"
"Why didn't you let him in? I don't want to just leave him outside..." She went over to the door and opened it.
"Hello John, come in."
"Thank you. So I heard  you're cleaning."  
"Um, no? Where did you hear that?"
"Ben said that you all were cleaning."
"Ben," my mom turned to me, "why did you lie?" suddenly a scream sounded from upstairs.
"What we are doing is fighting  giant hamster." I put in as my mom went to help Ashley with Nibbles.
"Um Ben... I'm sorry but... no. I'm not believing that story."
"It's true...Ben's hamster

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Short Story
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