The figure in the mirror (un-finished)

The figure in the mirror


No teenager or child should experience fear. I don’tmean the trilling type of fear after a scary movie or a frightening book. Imean the type of fear that paralyzes you, where you can’t even shut your eyelidsand the only thing you can do is sit there, waiting for the fear to pass. Theonly way to come across this type of fear is either staring into Death’s faceor coming face-to-face with your worst nightmare

One: The Promise

My dreams are troubled. The people are running. I’myelling, yelling at all of them… to get to safety and out of the parking garage.Flames rained from the sky as I screamed at the top of my lungs. Ash billows upas a fireball lands a hundred yards away from me. Someone runs up. It’s wasJennifer. I whirl to face her. Fear is clearly etched on her face. Her stormygrey eyes cloud with terror. “Go, Jennifer, get to safety,” I yell at her.

“No! I can’t leave you here alone…it’s not safe!”

“Listen to me,” I start as I stare into her eyes,“I’ll come back. And when I do, the first person I’ll come to is you…, Ipromise.” That seemed to convince her as she starts to run away from the redand ashy skies. But she had one last thought as she turned around to face me.

“I lo-“she gets cut off as a fireball the size of asemi-truck smashes into the earth fifty feet away from us. With one last lookinto my eyes, she runs off. I’m looking behind me to see if anyone didn’t makeit out of the garage when a fireball smashes on the concrete three feet awayfrom me. The impact knocks me off my feet and fills my face up with ash andspare pieces of asphalt. When I finally clear the ash from my face, I see afireball heading straight towards me. I wake up, swimming in the covers,sweating like I’m in hell, and feeling feverish. I get untangled from thecovers, and then I drag myself out of bed. Once I’m on my feet, I walk slowlyas if I’m getting dragged through cornstarch and water. When I reach mybathroom, I start to undress. Then, I get into the shower. I thought of mydream, and Jennifer. At the thought of her, I sighed. Half of me was pissed ofat myself because I broke the promise, but the other said that it was just astupid dream.

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Short Story
writing Jake7087
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I did this a while ago and it hasn't been edited and it's not done yet. But i hope i get time to look at it and finish it up. have a good time reading :)