Jake trotted over to the school bus thinking about him moving from Arizona to California. The driver started to look impatient as he threw his cigarette out of the open window. Jake decided to hurry up a little. He got into the bus and started walking to the back of the bus but the gruff voice of the driver spoke, “I wouldn’t sit back there or the eighth-graders might kick your butt after school.”
              “I’ll watch out.” Jake replied with a nod as he continued his slow walk to the back of the bus. The bus driver kept saying things to scare Jake but it didn’t seem to work. “You kids are all alike”, the bus driver muttered under his breath, “stupid and non- understanding.” Jake finally got to the back as the bus roared to life. Some kids ventured to the back of the bus as some fifth-graders cowered in fear as they passed. Jake still wasn’t afraid of the older students but it seemed that the fifth-graders were. Jake moved up a few seats in the bus. Not because he was scared, but because he was afraid to have conflicts with them. Jake asked the fifth-grader next to him,” What’s so bad about the eighth-graders?”
              “Some say that after they take your money they make you disappear!” replied the frantic fifth-grader.
              “Those are just stupid legends.” A sixth-grader said. The bus jolted to a stop as all the students rushed out of the bus. I guess this is my stop Jake thought. He got out of the bus to find his new school waiting for him. When the bell rang, indicating for the students to go to their first classroom, Jake saw a student standing there and he asked,” where is room 655?”

              The sixth-grader replied,” follow me; I’m going to that room too.” So Jake followed the girl to his first class, Math. So far I’m having a good time. He thought. 


Jake sat down at the lunch table next to Ayla, his new friend, as he stared at his pile of ‘Crap Surprise’ as she called that specific item of food.   “What is this stuff made out of?” Jake asked horrified.
              “Crap” Ayla simply said.
              “I’m serious.” Jake said.
              “So am I.”  Ayla joked
Jake got up from the table and returned his ‘Crap Surprise’ for a bag of Lays. Jake had much better food at his old school but you couldn’t exchange food for different food. After Jake finished off his chips he went out of the cafeteria to recess.  He walked over to the field because some students were playing Soccer. Jake said he would be the goalie. “I wouldn’t do that; the Eighth-Graders are merciless.”  A seventh-grader explained. But Jake didn’t care he just wanted to play because he was bored. An Eighth-Grader took the ball down the field, shaking everybody up while coming closer to Jake. The defenders were trying to block the Eighth-Grader, whose name was Rick, but they failed. So it was up to Jake to block it. Jake tensed ready for the kick and when it did he was ready for it. Rick kicked the ball and Jake jumped up and barely caught it but unfortunately the ball started slipping from his hands and it went in the goal. Jake changed to be center middle so he started with the ball. He didn’t kick it but he ran with it. The other people on his team seemed upset about that. Jake faked right as he met up with Rick and he actually fell for it. So Jake took the ball further down the field dodging Eighth-Graders as they came up with him. Then, Jake made it to the goalie but he didn’t see Rick coming up behind him. Then Rick tried to get the ball, and succeeded. But he kicked Jake down as he got the ball. So Jake fell, hurt and tired. Jake fell on Rick and he thought that Jake was trying to beat him up so Rick stepped on Jake. Jake got angry so he jabbed his fingers into Rick’s temples. Rick then kicked Jake in the stomach and Jake stepped back a few steps in shock but soon recovered and Jake grabbed Rick’s neck and brought his knee up, slamming it into Ricks face. But Rick soon recovered then Ayla came over and said, “Stop fighting! You’ll both get in trouble!” 
              “You really want your girlfriend to be in this Jack?” Rick said while spitting blood out viciously.
“My name’s Jake and Ayla isn’t my girlfriend.” Jake Said.  Ayla used a roundhouse kick on Rick but he just blocked it and twisted her arm back. She screamed loudly with agony. Since there was shortened days school was already out but a big mob was surrounding the fight.” Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!” screamed the mob. But they stopped when they saw Jake gasp then there was silence except for the whimpering of Ayla as she lay on the ground forgotten. Jake jumped on Rick and the crowd gasped. Jake grabbed hold of Rick’s arm and bent it the opposite way that the arm usually moves. Rick punched Jake on the face and he fell on the ground. Jake just lay there in a small puddle of tears, not all for pain but for the sadness as Ayla just lay there barely breathing, Jake could feel the anger bubbling up inside him and he got up, still crying, and grabbed Rick’s neck and started to squeeze but after a second stopped. Rick simply just walked away and the mob slowly subsided. Jake knelt by Ayla wondering if she was okay. “I’m okay” Ayla said quietly as if she were reading his mind. Jake sighed with relief. “I thought that you were severely hurt.” Jake sighed again. “I couldn’t be that hurt if anybody twisted my arm back. I’ll be okay.” She said. Jake helped Ayla up while grabbing his backpack. “I’m sorry that I got you hurt like that.” Jake said.
“I know.” She said. Ayla gave Jake a smile and started to walk to her house. Jake, like Ayla, started to walk to his house. I wonder why Rick just walked away… but what I really want to know is why he just started attacking me. My parents are going to be worried about me. Then, Jake saw an old computer store. He wanted Internet connection, so maybe this store had Internet he could buy. As Jake walked in, a bell rang.
“Hello…” A gruff man’s voice said from the back.
“Oh! Hello…uh… I was wonder-“
“The store is closing down. I don’t have enough money to keep the store running so leave. The mysterious old man said.
“But…I…need Internet connection.” Jake looked disappointed as he made his way through the piles of computer stuff. Then, the old shopkeeper felt bad that he had been rude to Jake. He said, “So kid. Ya want internet connection huh?”
“Yes.” Jake said.
“Hmm…” The old man replied quietly, “I see.”
“Excuse me?” Jake asked.
“Oh. It’s just that the other day a company gave me a connection to the Internet.” The owner replied thoughtfully.
“Oh! May I see it?” Jake requested.
“…Yes.” The old man said hesitantly.
“Thank you.” Jake said with a smile.  The  cashier gave Jake a worried look as he went to the back of the store. 

"Let me find it..." The man said. "Here it is." He came out with a small, sleek, looking box. The man set it down on the counter

"So, uh, how much?"

"Well I would think... eighty dollars."

"Okay... well thanks but i don't have enough."

"Oh well, just take it, if you want it of course, oh. And a warning... looks can be deceiving..." And with that, he disappeared into the back of the shop. 

"Okay... I wonder what that was all about..." Jake said to himself. Jake took his note book out of his backpack and left a note saying 'thank you' and then he walked out of the store. Jake was thinking about what the old man said as he walked home 

"And a warning...looks can be deceiving..." Jake sighed. He was still thinking of what he would have to say to his parents. He looked up. It was dark outside. Jake was finally home.

"Jake", it was his mother, "Why are you so late? I was getting worried. Are you okay?"

"Yes mom, I'm fine, I got into a little fight today but otherwise, I'm really fine." Jake said as he walked into his house.

"Oh! Are you sure that you are okay? I mean...emotionally and physically?"

"Yes mom," Jake turned around and glared at his mom, "Like I said...I'm fine. I just need a little rest. That's all."

"Okay then. But you can tell me if something's bothering you..."

"Love you mom." Jake mumbled as he went to his room. As Jake went into his room, his mother, Sara, went into the living room where Jake's father, Ben, was watching TV.

"I'm worried about Jake. For one, he was late at school. Two, he got in a fight he told me and three, he seems tired and he wants to go to sleep when usually he ether watches TV or goes on the computer."

"Odd. Why was he late anyways?"

"I don't know. He wouldn't really talk to me. I don't like how he got in a fight in the second week of his new school. I mean I don't want him to have only one friend. It's good for him to have more then one friend."

"Well, if we gave him Internet he wouldn't have to use our computer to go on the chat program that he usually goes on for hours to chat with his friends." Ben pointed out. 

"I know but I don't want him to go on inappropriate sites or anything..." Sara said thoughtfully

"I don't think he would...we could talk to him about it." Ben replied. 

"Maybe you should go talk to him and tell him that we are getting him internet for a birthday gift." Sara said.

"Okay I will go talk to him right now." Ben said. He got up of the couch and started walking towards Jake's room.

"Jake, can I come in?" Ben asked quietly. 

"Sure dad, Oh and I... um... need to tell you something..." Jake said while opening his door and leaning agenst the door frame.

"Okay, what is it Jake?" Ben asked nicely.

"Well, I hope you wont be angry... but have internet." Jake said hesitantly. Ben chuckled. 

"W-what? Are you m-mad at me?" Jake stuttered.

" It's just that your mom and I were going to get you internet for a birthday present but you are ahead of us. Did you pay for the service? Is that why you were late?

"Um i bought it just like the box thingy."

"Oh, can i see it?" Ben asked 

"Sure. Come on in." As Ben walked in he saw a jumble of wires and cords on Jake's desk.

"Okay," Ben laughed, "Let me help you with that..."

"No dad, It's all hooked up." Jake said.

"Alright, then let's see it boot up." Ben said. As Jake cleared all the wires off his desk.

"Okay." Jake said as he clicked the mouse. The screen lit up. Jake clicked on the 'Internet' icon. The screen showed all white. Then it showed a flash of  the Google home page Then, The screen changed into a black backround. Words appeared. They were bright green and they said: Tutorial request... press 'enter' to agree... "Wow...what is this about?" Ben said as Jake pressed the enter button on the keyboard. Those words disappeared and new worlds appeared: Tutorial activated...waiting for ALEX... "Weird. I wonder who this ALEX guy  is." Jake said to his father

"I am, hello Jake, and Ben. I am ALEX." A voice came from the computer. Suddenly, a head appeared. It was a man's head. The head had white skin, was bald but had a  white beard.

"Um, how do you know our names?" Jake asked suspiciously

"Well, I am the Digital Internet Server #544321. I can browse the internet in less then a half a nanosecond."

"But what websites have our names...?" Ben asked.

"I believe that your work website has all the names of the work members Ben. And i recognized your picture. As for Jake, he does that chat program and his profile picture is him. No need to worry."

"Okay...hello ALEX. You're right. My profile picture is me. Sorry that we were getting suspicious."

"That is okay. I would get suspicious too."

"Um...Jake I need to do my work...I'll see you tomorrow okay?"

"Okay dad, I love you, goodnight." Jake said as his dad walked out the door.

"Are you okay Jake? You look tired. May I help with anything? Or not.

"Um...can you open Google dot com for me?

"Yes Jake. Next time say 'open Google dot com' or whatever site you would like too open. There is also new sites like Virtual Exploring. I can even hack. But i do not like too do that at all."

"Wow. Can i see that Virtual Exploring thing?

"Yes Jake, i would be glad too." ALEX said as his face disappeared from the screen. Words popped up again: ALEX opening VE version 332...loading complete... The words disappeared. And the two big letters 'V' and 'E' appeared with a forest backround and 'START!' under the 'V' and 'E'. Jake clicked it. Every thing faded on the screen and a serch bar came up with selections under the bar. Jake shyly pressed 'Space' and every thing faded once again... 

"Jake! Time for bed!," Jake's mom yelled from downstairs, "Turn off your computer please!" Jake powered down his computer.

"Good night..." Alex said as his voice faded away...

The next day, Jake was eagerly looking at his watch, for the end of school, finally, It was the end of school. 

"Hey, Ayla." Jake said.

"Yes." She turned around.

"Do you want to come to my house today?"

Sure, let me call my mom." She took out her cellphone. 

"Um hi mom, can I go over to Jake's?...k. Thanks." She turned to Jake, "Yes, I can come over."

"Cool. let's take the bus." Jake said as he started walking over to the bus. When they finally got to Jake's house, he opened the door.

"Mom, Ayla is here."

"Oh! Hello Ayla! How are you doing?" Sara said.

"Good" Ayla replied.

"Mom, I'm showing Ayla ALEX..." Jake said as he set his backpack on the kitchen table. 

"Okay." Sara said as she rolled her eyes. 

"Come on Ayla. I got to show you something..." Jake said as he ran to his room door and opened it.

"So...yes, Oh hello Jake! how was school?" ALEX said as Jake came into the room.

"Good, who was that you were talking to?" Jake asked.

"A friend of mine, a  computer nerd as some people call him. Oh who is this... IAMVERYKEWL39? That is your you tube i right? ALEX asked Ayla.

"Um...hello...where is your voice coming from...?"

"Oh! Jake's computer of course...where else...? ALEX said as Jake closed the door behind him and sat on his desk chair. Jake turned around in his swivel chair and started telling Ayla about ALEX and where he got 'him'. Suddenly, the screen lit up and words appeared: Hacking government files...hacking passwords...done...sending passwords to virus #55698...done... 

"ALEX! What are you doing?! That could get me arrested! I thought that you didn't like hacking?! Stop this! Now!" Jake said hysterically. 

"I am so sorry Jake. I have chose to do this." Jake started frantically hammering at the keyboard and trying shortcuts to cancel. He unplugged the internet.

"I am sorry Jake. But i am now truly part of your computer. There is no stopping me now... HA HA HA!!!" Jake unplugged the computer.but he couldn't. The plug was stuck. 

"Me, DIS#544321 version ALEX will now rule the internet and there is no stopping me! HA HA HA!!" ALEX said.

"Jake what are we going to do?" Ayla asked, scared. 

"ALEX, let me help you, open the satellite routs." Jake said as ALEX gladly, did what Jake asked and the screen turned on.

"Now, let me change something..." He said as he started clicking wildly as Ayla sat on Jake's bed, looking scared.

"Goodbye ALEX..." Jake said as his computer started humming crazily.

"What? NOOOOOOO!!!" ALEX said, his voice dying 

"Goodbye." Jake said once again. 

"Jake...was that all about...?" Ayla whimpered in a small voice.

"Well..I found out that ALEX ran on a special satellite route so I asked him to hack in the satellites he was running on. Apparently, he was 'feeding' off them so, I disabled them." 

Jake7087   Jake7087 wrote
on 5/31/2010 10:55:14 PM
yeah, i think so.

fenceweed   fenceweed wrote
on 5/31/2010 10:25:43 PM
really good! :)

Elton4562   Elton4562 wrote
on 5/28/2010 8:08:22 PM
Jake, Pretty funny! At least you were modest in your self-apprasial. I suspect that you can rate your own story only once. Elton

Jake7087   Jake7087 wrote
on 5/27/2010 10:52:04 PM
Thank you! To tell you the truth, i'm actually the one who rated it a two because I wanted to see if i could rate my own pieces.

Elton4562   Elton4562 wrote
on 5/27/2010 7:28:43 PM
Whoever rated this story a two was being very unfair. I tried to balance it with a ten. I've seen plenty on writing room that deserves a two rating, but this isn't one of them. That should be reserved for people who can't spell or write a coherent sentence. Elton

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