Who? "bird" What? "cowboy hat" Where? "school house"
The old school house stands abandoned against the opening to the forest. Paint is peeling and blowing off in the harsh winds that slap the aging monument to a slower time, a more focused civilization. The grass and shrubs have grown tall around its edges as if no one cares any more that within its walls minds were once awakened, hearts inspired. And a cowboy hat lies on the top step, not implying an invitation to enter, but rather stating the end to a visit. A passerby perhaps, who had seen no need to awaken life to the old building, had seen no profit in rekindling the fire in the wood-burning stove or mending the collapsing beans in its ceiling. Rather he has tossed down his hat in disgust and despair, returning from where he came. But there, a tiny bird seeing the beauty in all that surrounds her, has taken up residence in the old hat, and has lain her egg.

Michele   Michele wrote
on 9/21/2009 11:10:43 PM
I bought a 100 yr old fixer-upper in an 'iffy' neighborhood, started with a garden and finally found a way to refurbish the place after several years and much derision from family and people who had given up on this block. Since then, all the houses in my immediate vicinity have been 'rehabilitated' and a vacant lot is about to have 3 new houses built on it after a meth fire emptied it 20 years ago. I feel like the little bird! I probably have to move now due to financial reasons--I can't work anymore, but trying to think that at least I'll leave it better than I found it-and more!

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