Ab Ovo Usque Ad Mala : Ad Initium(aka Chapter 1)

  Ad Initium
(At the Beginning)

     Rare Avis was the name of a boy who believed that the more you had the less you were, and the less you had the more you were destined to become. Striving to be a middleman, Rare had a little bit of something and a little bit of nothing. He always seemed to be one who looked at things both optimistically and pessimistically; viewing the glass as half full as well as half empty.  In a state of mind where the middleman is king, Rare dreaded the thought of being important, as well as being lost in the crowd of overpopulated nobodies. But, this story explains how Rare Avis became a Rare Avis. 
On the afternoon of November 4,1997 Rare decided that it was his destiny to begin an odyssey. He didn’t know where he would end up and he didn’t know what would happened but, on that afternoon he packed up his seven most prized possessions and he began to walk. As some obese families sat staring ignorantly with blank faces at their mind sucking televisions, and other obese families said grace around tables filled with greasy, heart attack causing fast food; Rare walked into the setting sun without looking back. His mind was not set on what lye ahead of him in his near future, or what was now behind him in the past, but what he would do about his untied shoelace. 
     As Rare Strode down the empty suburban street an old man, Mr. Patre, looked out onto the edge of the street’s horizon and watched as he faded away into the setting sun. Mr. Patre had been expecting this event to come. Rare was right, it was meant to happen. This moment had been planned out in the stars since the beginning of time. Every breath taken, every step forward, every glance in either direction was planned perfectly to make this strand of events flawless.
During Mr. Patre’s moment of observation a young man, Sine Cura, sat on the roof of his small house smoking a cigarette and enjoying the beautiful serenity of the setting sun. He knew something big was around the next corner and as he saw a young man in a leather jacket with slicked back hair. He knew that “that” something big was soon to happen. Knowing this he decided that it would be wise to enjoy this quiet and carefree beautiful scene before his new troubling days began. 
 Rare ran his hand through his hair and smiled. Everything in his past was gone he was now worry free and guiltless. His life’s errors all diminished slowly from his sight like the small city he was leaving behind. On the other side of the state there was a boy sitting on his porch watching the same sunset that was seen by his other future companions. He sat there sharpening his hunting knife. He knew it would come in handy some day, but he was the only one of the four boys that failed to see what was up ahead. Luckily for him he believed in always being prepared, or else he would not had been as prepared as the others. His name was Filius Nullius.
     One more boy was waiting for the puzzle to come together, but he had a different approach to things. He decided that instead of worrying about being prepared or enjoying what’s left in his life, he should rest his body for the days to come. That’s why he is spending this time dreaming. Dreaming of what lies ahead and what is to happen to him for even though he expects it to come more than anybody, he knows the least of what it is. Pari Passu was his name and sleeping was his game.
This is the initium, ab ovo usque ad mala (this is the beginning, from the apple to the orange) of the odyssey of the Never Dyeing Youth.


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Novel / Novella
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The beginning to a novel im working on
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