Moon's Disguise
Who? "college student" What? "calculator" Where? "Washington DC"
Mr. Matthews View-       

         I slipped inside the dimly lit room, my hopes riding high on the fact that I should be early. After all, it was only 9 o'clock. The darkness pulled me in; my eyes had to adjust to the harsh dim lighting. The walls were stale with old paint, the furniture masked by fabric to keep the dust off, and the light bulbs were old and the juice running out of them. I squinted my eyes to adjust faster. There was only one window, nailed shut, and one metal door, rusting and falling off its hinges. This room remained part of a plan of a bigger picture, an old factory that lie dormant. The owners purchased it quite a few years back from Trump O'Malley, who in turn sold it to his son, Michael O'Malley, for production of common household things and school items so he could strike his fortune in the depression era. The business became bankrupt as the stocks crashed dramatically, and foreclosed to be abandoned to this day. The owners, who purchased the old factory during a sheriff sale in the 90's and renovated absolutely nothing, live generously in the hills of California. 
           Pulling off the cloth of a rustic wooden chair, I dragged it to the corner and seated myself upon it. My eyes darted around the room as I waited for my guest to arrive. The man, the son of the current owners, was rumored to be handsome, intelligent, and a progressive business man. Flying out of Los Angeles to DC, we agreed to meet later in the evening so the man could do some sightseeing. To get the deal, I agreed. From the day I set my eyes on this building, my heart wrote the image in stone. The building was almost an antique, and it would greatly serve my purposes. 
           Unveiling a dusty chair from under its entrapment, I sat upon it. The floating dust compelled me to sneeze, though I did not. Patience seemingly never ending, I glanced at my cheap wristwatch. The night was going by slowly; it was only a quarter to ten. Leaning back into the thick, upholstered chair, I stretched my limbs as I waited. Not evenly fifteen minutes later, my guest had made his appearance. My keen sense of hearing detected him before sight; although, it helps when one's eyes are actually open and aware. In my mind, I pictured his wicked smile, yet innocent. This man encouraged bravery, and I challenged him to a small match by enthralling him with my tales of preferring this building over any other in the Washington, D.C. area. He greatly accepted my offer. 
           "Well, well. Look who finally showed up," I spoke to him, my voice soft but guarded. He switched his pose to a more relaxed and comforted one. I allowed him time to glance me over. I wasn't quite a threat- yet. Acknowledging his arrival, I stood. Quivering, his hand reached out. My hand shook his in a friendly matter, and I offered him a chair. 
            "Thank you, it is quite humble of you to offer me a seat in my own building," he chuckled, smiling with amusement.
            "It is only my chivalry talking, my good man."
            "Ah, I suppose it is. I suppose you want to hear more history of this building?" I nodded in response, keenly listening to him and our surroundings. I rested back in my seat.
            "Well, as you know, the current owners are my parents and I am just the middle man. I attend college in Los Angeles and this meet was easier for me to accommodate instead of them. My parents are not as young as they once were, and I can surely meet their standards of pricing. However, the old factory is quite worn out. I have no knowledge of your future plans for this building, Mr. Matthews, but I assure you, it needs a great amount of hard labor. The building is slowly decaying, rusting pipes and machinery, tarnishing silver and such. I assume you will renovate it?"
           "Yes, sir, I plan to. I am on the brink of setting up contracts to borrow equipment to do it alone. I find myself quite handy." In his response, he simply nodded. "In fact, I am hoping to accomplish this task in as little time as possible. Once the renovation is complete, this building will be grand and marvelous in all its glory."
            He tilted his head, slightly, in curiosity. I left him to his own curious demise and let him glimpse the cash I possessed in my pocket. 
           "How much do you want for the place?" I inquired. My hand grasped the money in my jacket pocket. 
           "Let's say around, oh, one hundred grand." 
            His eyes rested on my pocket with my money inside. I let go of the cash amount and let my hand slip around a calculator, bringing it out into view. I did some quick financial math, and I told him straight out it was a deal. The man was one hundred thousand dollars richer, and I was a man who was the proud owner of a three story fix-up with potential. 
        I barely hesitated. Collecting all of my needed materials the next night, I set up my first project-the side office in the basement. Creating it into a refrigerated storage, I spent three whole nights converting only the walls into protected sheets of Freon. I placed wire racks and metal storage shelves inside to provide easy access storing. On the outside of my new refrigerator room, I hooked up a security keypad with a swipe card slot and of course, keypad buttons.  
        After that, I started digging out a second level under the basement. This space was to be used as a special office of mine. Another floor lower and that would have to be the strongest and well-concealed area in the entire building. Eventually, an elevator would be installed for more superior security.     
        The whole project from start to finish filled up two months of my existence. The entire building was decked up, tricked out, and refurbished to fit my needs and my clients' needs. The ground level transformed into an office setting, blue themed and professional for a humane setting. The purpose of this floor was to create financial income, upper level security, and food while the offices below scurried at their own tasks. The outside walls were resided and fitted with infrared and normal security cameras, making sure the entire perimeter was covered. Underneath ground floor, nobody could tell this space was an old factory basement. The interior, remodeled to suit my future staff, included desks with high tech computers and technologies. One such room, locked by keypad, contained new technological equipment. A few of these inventions were designed by my personal researchers; one device, built like an ordinary semi-automatic handgun, shoots out laced silver bullets that create shrapnel on impact with werewolven flesh; another special designed bullet, laced with a large amount of Arsenic, acted as a projectile injection. The tip of the bullet acted as the needle, and even if the enemy could pry the bullet out, the Arsenic would've already been infused into the blood stream. The small off-side office stored the most important necessity here-blood packets donated from the soon-to-be-hospital on ground floor and the remaining stories above it. The second to last floor contains more offices, but these offices were to be used more for research and warrants. The bottom floor is where the guardians would live and breathe their duty. Training would have to take place before anybody could reach the guardian stage. Months of preparation were to be had. 
        The daylight sun drowned beneath the black sky, and the nighttime sun shone through the clouds. Hurrying to my private office on second floor, I began to punch in numbers, dialing the various immortals I desired to be interviewed. In my possession was a list of names, and one by one I called each one, explaining the need for an interview. Most of the clients attended. One particular interview, a male vampire who concealed his identity and refused to give out his name, was not on my client list; however, he made his appearance in attendance for the missing Jones Gordock. Had Jones Gordock been present and the mystery vampire kept quiet about taking Mr. Gordock's place, the vampire might have evaded my curiosity. In the meantime, I was left to wonder where my possible werewolf disappeared to and why this vampire had replaced him in spite of the interview with me. 
        Several theories occurred to me. Perhaps this vampire is working with the Non-Human Private Investigator's Service alongside Mr. Gordock. Mr. Gordock, in fact, is a lead investigator and prosecutor of "make-believe" persons. He arrested the worst non-human killers like Bane Corback, Skyler McMurray, Mikayla Brande, and Lily Hearton. Jones Gordock was a man of the past, strict with a firm hand. He personally taught, and took under his wing, all of the investigators that walked through the NHPIS doors. He was incredibly respected, no matter how disliked he was. Mr. Gordock and the NHPIS work separately from the government, however, and conflicts have arisen with the local Leos. Though, the public media has yet to discover the NHPIS. My area of expertise happens to be in non-human investigations, except through the government. On the slightest whim, I obtained a grant and permission of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation to become a section of the government to control erratic non-human beings. This building was to serve this purpose without public suspicion. 
        The ads for the job listings were published the next day. By nine o'clock, at least seventy voicemails were left on my machine. I am not one for daylight hours. Luckily, the sun sank beneath the horizon by six o'clock, and I was able to call back some interested mortals. I could not keep up to the amount of response I was receiving. Around ten o'clock, thirty more calls remained, but it was late in the night for mortals. From the little supply I had, I took a blood package out for dinner. Not much, but better than causing suspicion on the streets and force my operation to be shut down by the FBI. 
        The interviewing process lasted for two weeks. By then, the positions on the mortal level filled completely. Waiting to contact my non-human interviewees, I had made certain the financial situation above was holding up. The new nurses and doctors seemed at ease, the new hallways bustling with staff and the patients needing treatments. I hired a day-time manager to see that the procedures and processes flowed over smoothly. One doctor, in particular, spurred my interest. Average height woman, robust and lean, she was very health and exercise orientated. Her figure showed her results of this lifestyle. She, Autumn Rathburn, spent eight dedicated, studious years practicing for this job. Autumn happened to be the best doctor on the staff, and all the male and female doctors knew it.
        A few months passed with no suspicion from any mortal except Autumn. I remained with my original story: that I worked longs hours and have no time to visit during the day. Autumn glanced looks at me, unconvinced. However, my story was true. Non-human interviewees became an enormous part of the underground staff. A copious supply of responses poured in from around the globe. Creating good teams, based on the amount of responses and interest non-humans partake, will be relatively easy. A few teams have been slowly pieced together. My favorite team consisted of: a dhampire, a vampire, and a werewolf.
        A three team squad could easily manage itself, that is, if the team worked cohesively and rightfully stepped into their places, switching off leader and follower positions according to the mission. Before the hard core tasks, training must entail. It is taking place at this very second at the lowest level of the compound. A few months of hands-on training and the new recruits could be sent out into the field and do their job correctly. Not bad for almost a year's worth. Training occupied three month's time. The upstairs hospital generated income well for those preparation months. It is today that marks the day's map as the real test for my establishment. 

MMR360   MMR360 wrote
on 12/6/2009 1:59:29 AM
nicely well written ^^

Redfae   Redfae wrote
on 12/3/2009 4:39:15 AM
I am writing a story in the same genre. Like your story its set in the present (not thousands of years ago) but yet, it's totally different. So far I have written 9 chapters for mine and plan to check them over for spelling mistakes (my nemesis) before uploading.

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