Twilight Cove-Part 1-Sailing
    This has always been the greater dream of my life, sailing out to sea without any particular final destination in mind. Ever since I was a boy, no older than seven, my father Henry, would tell me stories of when he would sail off into the sea. Heading for a horizon that seemed to never come. He would be gone for weeks at a time, and every time he arrived home to tell his story we would all gather in front of the fireplace to hear it. He would tell us about how he fended off giant sea monsters, and how him and his crew would barely make it back alive.

    My favorite part of the stories were always the parts when nothing in particular was occurring, the moments when my father was sailing into a fiery sunset, and was unable to take his eyes away from the horizon. I always loved the peace of mind one would get from sailing at sea. So, while my brothers would play pirate, and make their own hats and have sword fights, I would just stare out the window into the sunset.

    I guess one might say that this dream has been much closer to the reality of an obsessed mind, all my life I lived and breathed this moment. Just like my father, I find myself unable to take my eyes off the untouchable horizon.

    Finally the sun set, and stars began to appear one at a time in the night sky, and soon the only thing lighting the night was the soft glow from the crescent moon that lay full of life above. Even the dark ocean below. Swimming with life still, as the reflection from the sky shine down all around me, and for a moment I felt completely weightless.

    Looking around, one would think that they were no longer on this world, but somehow between two, where troubles and worries are forgotten; if only for a moment. Finally I woke from the trance the night’s beauty had left me in, and made my way to bed inside the cabin. Like many night’s out at sea, I slept dreamless, but sound as an infant asleep in their crib. I find it’s always easy to fall asleep while out at sea. I always have the ship to rock me, and the sea air to sing me a lullaby, much like my mother did when I was young. Back on land, I’ve always had trouble sleeping, ever since I was a kid.

    My father was a treasure hunter of sorts, and when he was unable to find treasure he was always able to find fish to sell. He once told me, the real treasure wasn’t out at sea, but rather simply coming home from it. I could tell, he was always torn between the two, as if the sea were as much of a home as the one he found his children in. The thought of my father being torn between loving life at sea and loving his family on the shore, never really troubled me, but I never fully understood it. I guess, that is the real reason I am out here sailing into the night without any real destination in mind.

    I finally woke from my dreamless sleep to find that sunlight ceased to shine through my window. I glanced over my shoulder at the clock on the wall to be sure that I didn’t wake in the middle of the night, but the clock read “8:00am”. So I rouse from the comfort of the bed and gave my body a good stretch, then slowly made my way toward the window to the side of my bed. When gazing outside I noticed that it was still dark and there was not a single cloud in the sky. Confused I quickly made my way to the deck and began to look for a cloud covered sun, but there was not a single cloud in the sky still. So I made my way back to my cabin to be sure that the wall clock was working properly, which it was. I went back outside onto the main deck and gazed out to sea. Reaching to my arm, I gave it a good pinch to be certain that I wasn’t still dreaming. Sure enough, this wasn’t a dream.

“Where am I?” I thought quietly to myself.

    The unknown world around me and my boat seemed almost alien, but familiar at the same time, the sky was full of stars as if it were in the dead of the night all but the horizon which looked like fire burning in the distance. The water seemed to reflect everything but the fire on the horizon, and stranger yet, what the water was reflecting was different than the sky above it. The stars were all in the right places, yet seemed more brilliant, even the glowing crescent moon was nowhere to be found in the water.

“Where am I?” I asked myself yet again, a troubling question with no answer. I rushed back to my cabin and retrieved my navigation equipment which I had hardly used at all since I left to sail. I had maps of the earth, star maps, and a compass that my father gave me when I was a child.

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Short Story
writing JBWright
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The story is odd in its entirety, but interesting none-the-less. Its about a father and son a world apart, and their journey to an island that isn't exactly part of this world.
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