-xox- In Awe -xox-

-xox- in awe -xox-

day into night I am beaming~

slappy, happy, nappy dreaming.

a dream to me~

dream to me,

oh, oh, oh, you~

are my dream come true!

in awe I listen to you~

as you watch me be who

i am, and it's alright.

everyday and all night!

and I see you,

the real man who

i love~

and I see you sitting there,

across the table in your chair

after you scooted me and my chair in.

before you even sat down to begin,

to pour our tea,

while looking at me~

taking your time,

so attractive and fine,

we talk and laugh aloud~

in the middle of any crowd.

folks peak at us with loving envy,

as we drip with lust, love, truth, and honesty~

it's plain that all just know,

for they can actually see us glow~

as bold as the hurricanes blow,

after all..

it's “the you and me show” !!!

slappy, happy, nappy dreams~

yes, what we have is as good as it seems.

rainbows, dragonflies, and noon sunbeams.

our love is large, it rocks, it screams!!!

Iviedoe 2009

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 4/8/2009 3:27:06 AM
Wonderful poem. I like the playful tone. You write what more couples should be doing, for most take love so serious when there should be those goofy times. I agree with you totally here. On a side note, read my poem "Play In Love".

writing Iviedoe
"Poetry is the lyrics to the melody of life's heartbeat" Iviedoe 2008
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After all, it's "The you and Me Show!"...
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I'm big on expressing my love. whether it's a maker or a breaker; I'm in love with all the aspects of love. The quintessential 'Hopeless Romantic". I'm also bent on having others grin if not all out laugh and chuckle at my musings. Humor is key; during the best of times as well as when your world is crashing.
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