Freedom Papers
Freedom Papers


What happens when we are quiet, when we find quiet and calm in our lives? I believe that we see how much chaos and unending clout we truly have swarming around of ourselves. To rest is so much more than to lay down at 7:00pm and arise at 4 am. It means so much more than that. I believe that we miss the rest and the quiet that renews us. I write because you need quiet, you need rest. Your heart is tired and worn. Your mind is bulging and torn. Your body is aching and clutter adorned. Your hope is stuffed and swollen. Your soul is gluttoned and broken. And yet even in all of this Dios still rises up to declare you useful to His purpose. It gets sticky talking about being found in Dios the Mighty's purpose. Makes us feel like we are just ignored as thinking and feeling and moving machines of our own accord. and very truly it is exactly this way dear friend. We do feel that way so often because we are walking zombies ready to overthrow God's call to be still, receive quiet and rest that we might be renewed. It is so funny to me that our minds process the word quiet and rest and calm to mean that there is a speech coming, a lecture coming, a word coming that is going to change our day, but God's word does exactly that. We do not rest; we do not quiet because we are deeply afraid individually of hearing God speak to us of wonderful things, of glorious things. Glorious things and wonderful things have become toxic waste to us because we wake up into these gutters of life everyday and when we even feel like God is about to start speaking we cringe and crinkle and crumble and slither into a place where if there is no outside shelters available we build one deep inside of ourselves and we hide there fearful always of interactions with God who constantly says that He is in love with us and that HE is for us even when the whole world is against us. We hear that part: that God is in love with us, but we rush to run from the shattering of the shelters that we have built inside of ourselves to protect ourselves from words that move mountains and quiet raging storms. Have you any raging storms right now dear one? I say that you do. As do I and it is a constant battle that is faced to force, find, figure God into my deeply guarded places where I know what is best for me. You have those places. You are hiding in your shelters Jenna built right now and I just write to tell you that a little faith goes a long way. Do you want to go back to school? Do you want to start a family? Do you want to travel to other lands? Do you want to own a home? Do you want to be in love? Do you want to rest? Do you want to be healed in your body? Do you want to make amends with your family that has torn you and shattered you and sent you to build invisible shelters deep within yourself to guard yourself against terrorist activity bringing September 11, 2001 alive in your heart and mind and pulse and lungs and eyes and hopes? It takes a conquistador to lift up eyes and heart and every torn piece and find comfort in God the Mighty. So many times we do not need a God the Mighty but we may need a God the Justifier. Now God is our only true validator. We have ID cards now that allows access into remote areas of highly confidential businesses and only the elite can possess these passes, these access codes. And here is the test because the possession of these access codes to unlock God's love is not a product of elitism only a product of faithism. Faithism may not be a word but I write faithism because God is not pleased with anything else that we can perform or say or do unless it is according to a faith that sees Him and expects Him to act on behalf of those of us who trust in Him. Hebrews chapter 11, verse 6 speaks on this point, dear one. I write because if you take your right now and put some faith on it, faith in the living God who makes alive even right now, then your faith in God who makes rivers flow where deserts live, who makes blind eyes to see, who makes alive even what has laid dead for four days, then your miracles will free you immediately. The slaves who heard of the freedom papers may not have ever understood that they were free. They may not have even known what free meant. They had been conditioned to live a certain way all of their lives. It took a certain strength to move them into new days. We look at new days with slave mentality regardless of our colors, dear Jenna. You awake each day and wonder how to become free. The conquistadors who lived and conquered portions of Mexico possessed the same will to live that the Africans possessed when they were first introduced to the new concept of the new free. I wonder now why this is and has been called the New World because this world is not new at all. We still face racism, we still face classism, we still face oppression, we still face terrorism. And dear Jenna, dear friend, we still face the need for energy to walk it out with God the Magnificent and Merciful carrying us through the storms of this life. May blessings from His heart pour into your wounded, torn and shattered places even right now that you may know that new has been given to you by Dios your Refugio. blessings, Tuesday, April 22, 2008, 12:12:30 PM)


Though the ache is there from sunrise to enterprise the stains and hollerings of whens and whys. So deeply felt are your cries. Yes, it seems that even in stasis and stationary non-movement to follow this fairy tale as we yell and feel our blood pressures swell we face the race of high crime rate sent to delegate actions of influence upon our bodies. Taking frames of photographic mention to pinpoint the ascension of life and times of these places that we don't and can't ever rewind. These caves splayed my heart's rope and ripped my already ripping soulish divide. I looked into many eyes and saw dancing flames of anger where the tears could not ever be cried. It took the souls of their lifetimes to gain their lifelines and we are wondering where the relief for these cruises that are upon these our thighs. God, O God, can't you hear these our sighs. We cries for relief to be ours, more completely mines. Daylight breaks upon backs and we can only seem to react to what is called the counterattack as the devil's heavies mob in when I am with the wife and kids to battle back. Taking my stance of these turns of a man as my manhood turns to figure God's plan. So many torn and can't figure God's plan. So I was like them and they were like me oh man I just ran. Built a shelter inside of myself bro to protect me from the helter and the skelter taking the roofs and the roots of our residences and left us. Motionless and semantic. Calling us bastards. But bastards are those who have no daddies and we have daddies but we just can't get along with them. Not for the life in them. Trying to put out the life in them and that's wrong. We are all sent to our cubbies and our shelters we learned to build when we needed help and no human being truly came along. So here we find ourselves cringing to belong. Yes, here it is safe to belong. No hearing the words that they speak into my ears to get to my heart as I walk to be a man in this world that is against the black man all along. This here is a freedom song, but I'm aching. Torn by D's squeezed into this life is but a breeze and please market my insanity in the carvings and the blood staining these trees. I want to hang my sin from these trees like Jesus did in the passing of families into the fire of tragedies. Than God that in Jesus Christ obedience to render death life He has forgiven me. Though nooses still try to breathe, deep in me there in the depths are charges sent to sublet the wealths of the wicked ones who gather in my crevices of deadened pelts. Making it intimately hard to put on my righteousness belt. Mind games played as the DVD rewinds in my brain brainwashing me to the motorcade that dead are the miracles bringing to this my life any domestic or foreign aid. Trying to block out your heavenly aid. Aching to never again be forbade. AND right now dear friend we are still called to take a look at the stain that came from His veins to remedy our battered and sin torn frames. Even in masculinity's grip just call His name. He snatches iniquities holding pleas before the King to mar and sully and furrow your name. Life is no game. Call Christ Life and know that you are changed. Transformed though aching. Keep your head up and let the fight of the conquistador in you be directed and ruled by the Conquering Conquistador ever alive in Christ Jesus warring even right now for you, dear friend. May the grace the peace, the mercy and the Spirit embolden you to call out for the Savior's rescue in the shelters that have hid you for so long. blessings, (written Tuesday, April 22, 2008, 12:38:49 PM)


Portions of who we are disembodied from us because there needs to be rest and calm and quiet marinated into these broken portions of who we are. In the process of marinating there is transformation as cooking begins. Have you any fiery portions of yourself that lingers and yearns to be new? Have you any preambles that declare your freedom from an authority greater than yourself? There is a torrent of war finding solace and peace more powerful in our right now, dear friend. It takes a conquistador who has warred to fold into the palms of the hands of Dios the Mighty. In this crushing, there comes odors stagnant to onlookers yet strangely fragrant to the Most High God. It is a mystery of how and why the Most High God continues to place His love and His touch upon our lives. We never desire to fear feebleness yet feebleness and weakness show the great strength that love has to conquer even the deepest regions of all that we raise bulwarks against we ourselves becoming. Livre chuva, dear one, means free rain in Portuguese. Oh how that fresh moisturizing, thirsty lands of heart and soul and spirit and hope and eyes and mind quenching releases us to grow and become greater than even right now. It is all orchestrated by God who has planned to love us despite our faults and we must return to the places central to our salvation dear friend. We must return to the lands of our hardship and our chief joy because testimony is never one sided. Testimony is the culmination of the good, the bad and the ugly parts of the scenes of our lives. We want to edit and delete our steps though even right now we would never admit to such a thing as to erase portions of ourselves. We exist even right now hiding among the shelters that we have learned to build inside of ourselves for ourselves to be safe and in no harm's way that we cannot handle ourselves. It has become crazily popular to always be capable of handling one's own bizness. Yet in that mindset there is no room for God and we cannot again linger by as the Death of God the Mighty and Merciful arises before us. Who shall fight for the tune of righteousness through Christ Jesus to be sung as the freedom song of all freedom songs? Who shall hold their hurts to themselves and fold and buckle even right here torn by ulcers and emerods and poisons lingering in their systems because testimony will not go forth. I write dear friend because you are not here of your own accord. Your faculties and functions which you so dearly claim as accomplishment would never be possible if you had not a Comforter able to hold you when no one could know the rolling thunders and raging storms of hormone and society and body were folding you and tormenting you and boiling you deep within even at the sites of your shelters erected deep within you. We erect shelters deep within ourselves to never have to acknowledge that God is in complete and total control over our destinies. That is a truly scary thing. And that is why we move for Buddhas and cringe for Krishnas and fold for atheists. That is why we rip ourselves for Hindi, boil ourselves for tribalism, grate ourselves for Mohammad. Yes, we do buckle and fold and find comfort in the many saviors of this place, but the promise of God our Eternal Father and of Jesus Christ our Savior Eternally is that there will be a new heaven and a new earth. Old things will pass away and behold all things will be made new. We await the coming down of this new heaven and this new earth because therein lives peace now unknown because turmoil and terror reign here. This is God's love for you and I in action. This is not reincarnation. This is transformation. Reincarnation is the reoccupation of bodies while transformation is the renewing of bodies. How long will you fold in this place and not call Christ Jesus your Saviour and your Lord, dear friend. How long will you hold in between numerous lovers of your soul reaping the benefits of the many? God will place an end upon these acts in your life and in my own, but He still shows and exhibits His great love because in judgment He will remember mercy as we ask Him for rescue. blessings,


 The plights of these days are so crazy that we say that we pray and never really have anything to say, so God never moves to confront our melee. Hoping that your scars are lifted to His arms that His arms may remove the identity pains, the labor pains of laboring in invisible yet so visible chains. We aim policy far down range. We aim policy far down range and expect things to change. God's love is for you to make you new in all thangs. Knowing not how often you hear the sirens announcing the pain raids, but hoping that Dios is central even in the memories of Castros to rearrange your souls chains. Jesucristo frees hurting ones and ones with spirits maimed. Knows you by your name. He knows you by your name and is calling and knocking at your heart's door to be allowed to come in, have supper with you and nourish your torn, broken and hurting frame. Just call on His name. Jesucristo who stands up in the heavens at the right hand of His Eternal Father God. Standing up because of the movement of faith you exhibit in knowing that He is your answer when the rains come down to hard. Floods attract His mercy and His grace because sin cannot reign. Every breath we see so differently exactly and unexactly how sin in this place of identity rains. Speaking of behavior when you are wrassling these names and frames in these burdensome chains and real life is whipping you for considering a name change. Though they call you deranged, dear friend, Jesus Christ is The Truth, The Life, the Way. Comforter of soul, spirit, heart and mind in the flooding and in the fray. Ask Him for a lifetimes worth of mercy and grace. Trust in Him and watch Him change your delay without delay. He is strong even when the waves are gray. Slapping against the female thought that hope even right here cannot lower down enuff and cannot belay. Utter this freedom song as even in these places of fear and injustice you continue to lay. Trouble don't last always. Jesucristo, save me, I am calling and trusting and believing in your name. Lord God, Eternal in Heavenly (Cielo) places, Hold this one that she might know the truthfulness of Your power and Your love and Your relief. Her life is in turmoil and these chains of this life are very different from my own yet so alike. We ask that You, O Dios, give her peace in the most terrifying confrontations that she will face in the rest of her life. We ask that You O Gracious and Merciful Lord of every army, navy, coast guard, air force and marine unit be the relief that she needs in her life to know that her life is even right now a testimony to Your greatness. I know that You have never lost a case Lord God. I know that You make rivers jump up out of the deserts dusty lands. I know that You O Lord God are a Healer who heals and does not apologize for mishaps because Your healing is newness evermore. We see You Lord God so often in fantasy, in higher things than we feel able to reach for, but we need to know that You are alive and powerful in the favelas where our souls weep and in the chambers of heart and mind where policies concerning entrance into our lives and our lands are made. We need You to be alive and moving in the gutters where our souls stumble. This woman needs You Lord God to show up where she has learned to live with droughtlines in her heart, where she has learned to bow to volcanoes and tsunamis in her soul, where she has learned to fall down and hold no further hope of life for the faultlines in her mind. You Lord God know the pictures that play in her mind, the DVD that thunders in her spirit that she is worthless and needs to settle with gutter living. Lift her up Lord God because that is what You are all about. Humble her even right now but add faith and hope to her steps and breaths and aches. Teach her that You are eternally her Freedom Fighter, that You Lord God are her Eternal Conquistador bringing newness to all that her life is. In every part make her new. In every crack and broken place, in every shifting sand of her thoughts let her see that You are able to move her mountains, to cross her seas and oceans, to confuse her language with Your heavenly tongues that shall bring peace to every situation. Accommodate her with You even right now, Lord God. Be her Refugio. BE her Salvacion. Touch her corazon. Even right now. We pray this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ who has spilled His blood to take away the sin of the world and allow new to be us even right now. Hold her close as she faces new days. Give her strength as she learns faith in Your holding her life. In all this she will praise Your name O Lord God. Invest in her life all of Your life that the return of her praise may honor You Lord God before all who hesitate to know that You are able. Bless her life even right now. Amen and amen. blessings, (written Tuesday, April 22, 2008, 2:02:29 PM)

Looking Up From Broken Hope

Never did I imagine that there would be such explosion in twenty minutes. Explosive thunderings and fiery flashes of lightning slashed through her foundational hopes. It was a massive earthquake rumbling beneath nerves of supposed steel and the hardest Quikrete available before the weekend rush shut down the resolves of customer service. Right there in the living room the hot lava spilled into reality after having been dormant for so many months. The rumblings of activity on the mountain was relative, yet nothing that was not capped quickly. The terror peeled every fiber from all the inhabitants of that place, though no one ever knows when terror becomes alive and poisonous. No one ever expects quieted volcanos to erupt again. Pressure lives up to it s name though and it rushed to move her from the mountainside or any of the surrounding regions. What happened to bring this mountain to trembling shivers of pain and nervousness and power. The mountain forgot that it was made, created, forged, formed and recounting all of its weatherings and erodings, it inflicted the damage on the hopefuls that this mountain was a refuge. Today we still live with the mountain, but the rebuilding has long been underway and like Pompeian’s' resolve, we seek life beneath the Mountain's refuge. I was the ripping, power seizing mountain, fending my lands, my slopes, from the presence of those needing my boast. I was the mountain who sullied the opinion of mountain living in a few deft moments of volcanic expression. I was the mountain who threw ash and sulfur into the atmospheres of 7 even 8: I dare say all 9 of us gathered there. The sulfur has choked longer than expected in one and now I seek peace, solace and refuge from the Mountain to which we both must find newness and movement again. (written Tuesday, April 22, 2008, 2:50:00 PM)



Dear Readers,

These writings are intended to bring hope to those who are hurting and torn in places that can not always be seen and as such challenging to notice and affirm. These writings were all spoken to different people: individuals of different life lenses and I write that they might find comfort and warmth in an embrace that is often foreign and dismissed.


I do not know how the life of God (Dios, Jehovah, Allah, etc.) has woven and shaven neither their lives nor your own who read these reachings for a hope shared and instituted in right now. I do pray that there might be a newness in us all that we can find peace and love and joy, the fullness of newness, in our lives. I know that there is something more that our lives shall have to reach upwards and outwards and inwards to the Creator to praise and honor Him for.


I write also to those who look highly upon goddess worship and adorations, though these few words can never reflect the bigness of the bizness of God’s or Goddess’ station of influence. Praying our rest new and that all these things in our lives past and present engage the signing of our Freedom Papers by the Savior prepared exclusively for a time such as this.



Blessings and favors always.


Prophet Israel-Shannon Saunders

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This writing is meant to bring healing to worn and weary souls. It is from the depths of my own soul. I find the need to upift another or every other through words that live. This is again about trial and transgression that fade us into hopelessness and solitude, yet I have written these for the stronger promises of new life and joy and peace and rest to be real for those who will recieve this message.
A Word from the Writer
I pray that those who read these words are made new even right now in the name of Jesus Christ our Saviour, my Saviour.