The Ghosts (Chp1)
I looked across the table at the infamous Echo. Not her real name, obviously, but I didn't know her real name.
  "Are you going to ask me?" She smiled coldly.
  "What makes you think I want to ask you anything?"
  She scoffed. "Please. Darkly lit room, shiny metal table... handcuffs. This is an interrogation room."
  "Speaking from experience, are we?"
  She leaned forward. "Ask me what you're going to ask me."
  I sighed. "We need to know about the Ghosts. The espionage group o--"
  She laughed hysterically. "'Espionage'? You're kicking 'espionage'!? Those kids were anything BUT spies!"
  "So tell me." I coaxed. "What were they?"
     Echo's laughter quieted, but her smile remained. Her eyelids were heavy, and she looked terrifyingly like the cat that swallowed the canary. No... she looked more like she was ABOUT to swallow a canary.
  "Your cute for a soldier." She coed. "Most girls like you end up looking more like boys."
  "I'm not a soldier."
  "So tell me... what are you?"
  I smiled. "You should know... I don't like to play games."
  "Ooh... but I do."
  "Answer me! How do you know them? What happened to the artifacts they found?"
  She stretched leisurely. "I don't feel like it."
     I stared at her. And than, slowly, calmly, I pulled out my gun, and I pointed it at her. She didn't blink-- her smile remained.
  "Should I come back when you're more in the mood?" 
  The silence around us was deafening. The look on her face... it was so... lazy, and cold. It was like she was some unfeeling golem, unfazed by impending death. Or... perhaps she knew I was bluffing. Either way, she was enjoying this.
  "Why should I tell you?" She purred.
  "For the greater good of humanity?"
  Her face grew even colder, as if such a thing were possible. "And what has humanity ever done for me?"
     I was surprised when she said that. She looked... hurt, almost-- a real feeling. I pitied her. I could empathize with her, oddly enough. I felt as though we had both been through the same kind of... hardening.
  "I can understand that. That feeling of hatred."
  "Oh? Can you now?"
  "My life hasn't been good." I rolled up the sleeves on my jacket, revealing my scars. 
  She was quiet for a while. And then, "What's your name?"
  "DJ Griffin."
  "Well than DJ... where do I start?"
  "How about from the beginning?"
  "I wasn't there from the beginning."
  "But you can tell me what happened."
  "I suppose." She paused. "But I can't tell you their real names. I only know the codes names."
  "That's all I need."
  She nodded, slowly. "From the beginning, then?"

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Novel / Novella
writing ILoveMyGhostGirls
I'm a sucker for happy endings.
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Ancient artifacts that are known as 'mythical,' are only called that because they haven't been found yet. The Ghosts, a group of geniuses with superhuman minds, are the only ones who seem capable of finding them. Horrible monsters start to seem safe compared to the secret organization they work for, however. Lead by a sociopathic blonde she-demon, 'They' seem to control everything on this earth, and no one had ever bested Them. But everything changes sooner or later
Published Date
10/15/2014 12:00:00 AM
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