Solar Power (chp 3)
"Mommy, why is my name Sol?"
      Diana looked down at the small blond child holding her index finger. "What do you mean, sweety?"
"Everyone else makes fun of my name. Why is it Sol?"
      The daughter and mother duo were looking into the stars fling by outside of a window. Sol was only seven at the time, but she was a smart seven. Diana could remember when Sol went through her "question" phase. Every other minute she was asking some, unanswerable question. Once Leonidos asked her why she asked so many of them. Her child's brain stated "Because they make you smarter."
And now her she was, asking more unanswerable questions.
      "Well, baby, I named you that because...."
Sol looked up at her with golden-brown eyes.  "Because..." Because you weren't alowed onbourd.
Diana sighed and looked out the window again. Sol waited for her answer. She was a very patient child. Diana had named her first baby Sol for a reason. But how could she explain such a reason to a seven year-old child with bad social skills? No, she couldn't tell the girl; she wouldn't understand.
      Diana looked at the one point of light in the space before them that did not move. It was a small red becon, visable from any point on-deck. From any point on the deack of any Zenthian ship. It was their destination. All at once, Diana decided that she would try to explain her reasoning to the small girl looking up at her.
Do you see that dot, the one that dosen't move?" Diana asked, pointing to the red spot. Sol nodded expectintly. "Well, that's where we're headed."
"We have evidence that an old race lived there; they sent out radio waves from stations that we could read. It was hard to decifer because this spiecies speaks many different launguiges. But we managed to do it."
"What happened to them?"
"THeir sun diod the same thing ours did. They all died."
"Then why are we going there!?"
Diana chuckled at the girl's small outburst. "Because their planet wasn't the only one in that star system. Another one, one that was once a gas gient, is no cabable of supporting us."
"What does this have to do with my name?"
"That old people named their star 'Sol.'

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