Solar Power (chp 2)
Diana held the sleeping girl close to her chest. Leonidos stared at them, eyes wide.
She didn't reply. She just kept staring at the baby Star.
"Diana?" Leonidos walked up to her. "Diana, what did you do?''
She looked up. "A woman... couldn't get on board... but her baby...''
''She got you to take her kid?'' He sighed and ran his hand through his blond hair. "God, what are we going to do with this?'' 
"Keep her safe.''
"We can't! She's illegal!''
''She doesn't have to be... she looks just like Star, we--''
''Don't go there, Diana!''
      The increasing volume of their conversation awoke the baby. She started squirming, flailing her arms about.
"Oh, now look what you've done!'' Diana scolded. She started rocking the newly named Star. The little girl started crying, her high pitched squalls echoed in Leonidos's office.
''For God's sake, just give her to me!''
      Leonidos reached out and took the flailing girl. He bounced her in his arms awkwardly. "Calm down, kido. You have to be quiet...!''
As Leonidos bounced her about, he noticed my favorite pendent swinging around her neck. He took it and held it between his fingers. In a flash of memory, he realized what it meant.
"Leo...'' Leonidos's wife put her hand on his shoulder.
      The pendent. The pendent. That was Cana's favorite.... his mind shook. Why would this stray child have the necklace? It was a family heirloom, Cana would never give this away to a child unless-- adrenalin shot his heart into his throat. --Unless she was her mother. He was now bouncing to calm his own nerves, rather than the child's.
      Over a year ago, when everyone knew what the growing sun meant, Leonidos and Diana's marriage had fallen apart. And he came to me for comfort. We had dated all throughout med school, and we had worked at the same hospital before he was chosen to work on the ship. He came to me, and we met in secret for almost a month. It had ended when he went home one night, and Diana was standing there, smiling, cradling her stomach. I found out that I was pregnant a week later.
      He couldn't tell her, even if he wanted to. How could he? How could he tell her that he had impregnated another woman? How could he tell her that he fell in love with another woman? And how could he tell her that that woman was me?
      Star had calmed, and was now grasping at Leonidos's hands. He noticed the silver hair and skin of the girl. He noticed her golden eyes. She did look just like Star... and they both looked like him. 
''Leo?'' Diana's voice brought him back to reality. 
"We can't just leave her here...''
''I know.''
      He walked away. "As far as anyone knows, she's Star.''


      I sat on my balcony, staring at the ship. It would set off in just a few minutes. Over a hundred ships had left our world, and yet millions were abandoned here. I could hear some delinquents breaking into the liquor store below my apartment. I didn't care. I had a smile on my face. Soon my baby would be heading off to a star system millions of millions of miles away, and she could start a life there. 
      The iron supports holding the ship up fell away. The Goliath, which resembled a city-sized yacht, was going out. It was the last one that ever would. The world around me was crumbling, and the sun which had once provided my world with life was now destined to destroy it. I smiled at the ship holding my daughter, and looked down at my arm. I had a peeling sunburn. I hadn't noticed it before. How odd. 
      I decided to drink the last of the good wine I had. What else would I save it for? 
      I sat back down with my glass. I took a sip of the wine, which was the same shade of red as the sun. It was smooth and fruity; it tasted more like cranberry juice then wine. I guess that isn't a good thing, but I liked it anyways. 
      I thought about Leonidos. I thought about my mother, of all people. And I thought about my daughter, of course. Her name was Eluvian. I had always found that name hauntingly beautiful. But I supposed that whatever that woman decided to name her would work just as well. What's in a name, anyway?
      White hot flames erupted from the base of the ship. I swallowed the last of my wine as I watched the space craft, and my daughter, speed away.

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I could here some delinquents breaking into the liquor store below my apartment. Here should be hear. Another great chapter.

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Diana confesses to Leonidos about Sol.
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