Wondering Through the Woods

Wondering Through the Woods



                 As I wondered through these beautiful woods, I can’t help but wonder the what if?.  What if I didn’t see the turn off to enter this beautiful place, I could have missed out on all of this.  What if my car broke down before I could reach this place, what if I ran out of fuel an couldn’t reach this place?.  What if I suddenly got called in to work and had to leave this place just as I got here?.  But in the end I look around, I realize that I did reach this wonderful place.

                   The tall evergreens go so high that they touch the heavens high above, the different species of birds and small wild life so awesome to see.  The fresh scents of Mother Nature it ‘s simply amazes me how she maintains this place, so beautiful so perfect not a thing out of place.  I follow the invigorating smells, which bring me back to a place that I knew as a child.  The days of building campfires roasting marshmallows and Smores by a the warm glow of the fire.  Well I’m afraid the days almost over time to retire from this awesome place for today, but before I leave I want to say this.

                    In the rat race of life take a moment each day here and there, let your mind wonder enjoy and create.  Such beautiful images of people and strange places that surround you each and every day.  When you open your mind and let it wonder, you’ll soon find out that five minutes next to the water cooler at work, will turn in to a pleasant day trip wondering through the forest.




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Never stop dreaming and belleiving ,no matter how old you are or what the grown ups say. Life is about getting out there taking chances and enjoy each day like it's you last. Mother nature gives us signs and beautigull things to look at each day. So stop and enjoy every little thing in every day life,no matter how busy your are.
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Have fun,enjoy life don't be in such a rush to join AARP in life . Live each day like it's your last.
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