Time has moved on to a whole new realm of reality and insanity, when I last looked I saw time was standing still.  While waiting impatiently for the hour to come in, I watched as time just stood more and more still.  My time will come soon enough when I rush it more it only goes slower and still it seems like the eternity from hell.  As the seconds turn to minutes and the minutes turn to hours it freaks me out it’s only been two minutes my god this is slow as hell.  I take one last breath in the hopes that the pain running through my veins will numb away and my time will end soon so I can get away from this awful place I call the executioners hell.  We all know when we are born but none of us know when our final day end, I have the upper edge over all because I know exactly to the minute when my time above ground shall end and Ill leave this painful place of fear and pain.  Both hands on the clock say twelve o clock, the time is drawing nearer and I can’t help it to but to know that this is my final hour.  I feel remorse and pain to know all those I’ve hurt will be left for ever in pain while I ease in to the slumber for ever deep sleep, the Sodium slowly filling my veins one drop at a time.  Is it not ironic that with so much pain comes a feeling of peace and tranquility knowing that I will be spending my eternal life in a little summer retreat I like to call hell.  So for now I last see the clock for one last second and it reads 12:01 and off I go to settle the final score with my dear maker.  Doesn’t it grand know that my life was wasted with no one to love me but building up only hatred enough for me to finally be judged and sent to meet my maker?





; Dedicated to VP



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Short Story
writing Highwaynomad
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Wasting a precious thing called life and why do we do it because we have nothing better to do
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Enjoy as much time as possibe with those people that ar eprecious to you. Time is short so dont wasted,doing foolish things.
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