The fountain sprung a leak

The Fountain Sprung a leak


 It was a clear blue ski day in the park today; the cities workers arrived at the park on a report that the main fountain had sprung a leak.  As the crews supervisor Antonio Bernoulli noticed that problem was serious.  Ok boys let’s investigate further why she’s not flowing.


As the day progressed they were getting nowhere fast in their investigation, the water pressure just kept on building and water was flowing. All right you guys one crew goes and checks things out up town and the other crew runs down town, there’s got to be a problem some place else.  The crews return a couple of hours later, sorry chief as they called Bernoulli there’s nothing going on this city is dry no signs of problems any place else but here.  Ok boys were going in to over time tonight, we don’t get the water flowing the sun will never shine.  The suns rays had been put out one time before when the pressure built up so much it shot a stream of water and snuffed out the pilot light on the sun.  Later on NASA had to send a city crew up there to relight the pilot light on the sun when this happened.


The city had no budget they  were in a fiscal crisis and they couldn’t afford to send another crew up to relight the pilot light.  This is great says Joe DiMaggio ,one of the crews workers on Bernoulli’s crew I got season tickets for the Yankees tonight, They are playing the Red Sox in a double hitter I can’t stay tonight.

Save it Bernoulli tells him we all got our social calendars full, I got Phantom of the Opera tickets myself tonight.  You think I want to be here I don't think so  but this is important, so the quicker we find the leak the quicker we go home.  Just as they are about to start digging things up they notice the park wino Johnnie Walker is trying to say something to them.


What do you want Johnnie make it quick we got to find this leak, well I noticed that this tree that I passed out under last night suddenly grew over night.  Are you sure Johnnie, asks Bernoulli sure im sure he answers.  All right then get out of our way as they begin to dig they find the cause of the problem a tiny tree root had wrapped itself on the feed pipe feeding the fountain and it was ready to burst.  It wrapped so tight allround. It was like a turnicate chocking the flow of life out of the thirsty fountain. 


Just as the men were about to take a much needed brake, after having worked for the last 18 hours on the problem.  Thearea supervisor for Con Ed Power & Light Mr. Thomas Edison

Stops by to see the progress thats being made.  He brings Bernoulli his old friend a cup of city mop water coffee from the near by street vendor.  As he looks at the culprit he orders Bernoulli to stop what he’s doing.  Confused Bernoulli tells him listen I got the boys on triple time over time I can’t afford to do that, the cities comptroller is watching the budget like a hawk it’s costing tons of money to keep these boys out here. 

Edison explains that the tree root is what’s holding the cities main power feeder cable up.  He cuts that root the city will go completely out then you’ll really be on over time, you’ll have a bigger problems on your hands. 

Bernoulli tells Edison listen we don’t get the water flowing the sun wont shine, it’s afraid of the water pressure being built up and extinguishing it’s rays.  Edison asks Bernoulli for a dime to call from the public pay he's going to call in a Con Ed crew to secure the feeder cable before he can cut the tree root.


Just as the men are waiting for a Con Ed crew to arrive the visitors and tourist in the park are getting antsy they want to go near the fountain and take pictures.  The area was cordoned off with the standard yellow caution tape for people’s safety.  A little 7-year-old boy and his mom walking by stop to see what the crowd was looking at, what the excitement was all about.

The boy slips the tight sweaty grip of his mom’s hand and slips underneath the caution tape past the security.  Before any one can stop him he finds a small valve as Bernoulli yells at him to stop and get away from the fountain.  The boy turns the small valve on the side of the fountain and the water begins flowing out of the lion head shaped statues on the fountain.  At the same time Bernoulli notices the water gauge begins reliving the pressure and it’s quickly coming down to normal.  As cheers from the crowds and city workers fill the air rays of sun begin showing themselves through the treetops through out the park.


In all of the excitement and cheering Bernoulli turns to find the boy but him and his mom have disappeared in to the crowd of people.  As Bernoulli begins barking out orders to his crew to begin the cleaning up the area and backfilling the excavation, he walks exhausted over to the small zoo in the park.  Just as he sitting drinking the Luke warm cup of coffee he sees a little boy talking to the sea lion, imidiately recognizing him as the boy from the fountain.  Hi what’s your name little man he asks him, the boy smiles and says I’m Fernandito.  Well Fernandito do you know what a great thing you did today, the little boy doesn’t quite understand what he has done.  Fernandito explains to Bernoulli I had to do it I hope your not mad at me.  Bernoulli lets out a smirk and says no one is mad at you, but why did you do that he asks him.  Because my friend Atlantis the sea lion was thirsty and his home was getting dry so he told me to do it.  Shaking his head not knowing what to say Bernoulli just smiles he’s too tired and burnt out and with the kind of day he’s had he accepts what ever brakes come his way today no matter how odd or strange.  Well Fernandito you listen to me you ever need a city job or anything when you grow up or anything at all you just call me ok here is my business card.  As the years progressed Fernandito grew up and took up his friends offer, Fernandito is currently in charge of the cities department of publics’ works.  He also volunteers at the city park zoo taking care of all of the water needs of all of the parks water creatures.







            Dedicated to VP

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 8/29/2008 12:56:19 AM
Another wonderful tale. It amazes me how you do this.

Short Story
writing Highwaynomad
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A typical day in ones life when lifes overcomes you with problems,relax some times the simpleast solution is right in front of you. Just don't let life drown you ina half way full glass of water,your inner child will walk you though most crises in your life.
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For all those times when all else fails,relax and think to yourself how would a 7 year old fix this. Youll soon see that the answers are right in front of you.