My Life In the Spot light

My Life In the Spot Light


            Hey look at me who would think that I would be such a shinning star.  From the very beginning I knew that with a lot of hard work and determination, I would make it to the big time.  Just last week I was hanging out having diner at my favorite restaurant the Freezer café, I was served chilled Jello mold it was to die for.  How ever I did gain a little weight so much so that I actually looked like I grew and reproduced.  Who could have imagined that some day I would be standing in the spotlight, sharing the fame with so many different species of celebrities?  Can you believe that with my meager beginnings, I would be the shinning star of the show?  I grew up in a big family and every day it seemed like it would reproduce more and more.  We were poor we used to eat mold and mildew and anything that stuck to us just to fill our stomachs.  Once in a while we had a treat from the local butcher shop alley.  But that was only if we beat the wild pack dogs away from it.  The other night I worked a small benefit show to help find the cure for the flu.  It was help at St Hopeful hospital.  I tried to and tried to help the researchers find the vaccine, but I wasn’t very helpful.  Even with my notoriety it was useless.  But you know what Im lifting my head high and not giving up cause the show must go on.  Tonight Im working another benefit concert at Sloan Kettering Cancer institute.  This benefit is to help find a cure for cancer giving it all I got the skies the limit.  There’s a full list of famous characters joining me, some as old as time itself.  There’s a special lady to open the show tonight, she’s been in the business since the dinosaurs were walking the earth her name is the one and only Protozoa she looks great for her age.  So now the show must go on, Maestro turn on the microscope light put me on that sliding stage and turn up that magnifying lens all the way up to X1000 because it’s this Ameba’s turn to shine and really help mankind.





Dedicated to VP


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Short Story
writing Highwaynomad
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In life help some times comes in all shapes and sizes, no matter where it comes from or how small it is or how big it is . It;s not the size that matters or the amount but just as long as down the road in life we learn to retunr the help and help each other out in life.
A Word from the Writer
Help others and youll see that that help comes back to you later in life two fold.