Maggie Elan

Maggie Élan



          I once knew a girl who was always well spoken; she was a woman of the world to say the least.  Every time we would get on the road for a ride, all she would do is start-barking orders.  Right turn left turn every time I tried to get a word in, she kept on interrupting me.  Whenever I tried to reason with her she would just sit there and pout.  A few times she just sat there and recalculated my travel route.


          I told her time and time again, listen I know a shortcut let me go my own way.  It was no use she just kept on insisting to recalculate my route.  I once took her to a nice restaurant for diner, once again she insisted on showing me the route to the restaurant.  Well I finally had enough of her, so through out the entire trip I tried my hardest to get her lost and confused.  But it was no use no matter how many wrong rights or left turns I took, she still insisted on showing me the right way.


           After finally arriving the restaurant I asked her politely to stop repeating herself, the same line over and over.  There’s only so many times that I can listen to a voice repeating we have arrived over and over.  After spending ten minutes looking for an empty parking spot, I figured out the perfect way to shut Mrs. know it all.  But before I shut her up I should let her know one thing.  What I want to tell her is I’m really glad she’s always right to help me find my way back home.  If it wasn’t for her I'd be like a lost Galileo finding my way home using the stars.  But with that said it is time to shut you up Maggie, as I pull her plug from the cigarette lighter and I put her away in the glob box.  Till I’m ready to head back home at the end of this enjoyable diner date.





Dedicated to VP


Rob5679   Rob5679 wrote
on 3/20/2010 3:40:00 PM
A little bit predictable, which spoiled the punchline. Very well written though and it had a flow which kept me reading fluently. Well paced and funny. I enjoyed it.

Short Story
writing Highwaynomad
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Rating: 8.0/10

A short funny story about the interactions technology and humans have in a world of of technology driven society.
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Enjoy a little humor in a complicated techno world.