Land of the Lost Souls

                                                 Land of the lost souls



           In late June 1980 there was a frenzy of exploration and discovery, amongst the scientific community. With the recent discovery and development of the HIV vaccine, there was greater funding available for other vaccines to be discovered. One vaccine though after the most, was the vaccine that would cure all forms of cancers.  Although recent research had been successful in slowing down certain types of cancers.  The research showed that it took a two-step approach to treat this disease.  The first part consisted of heavy dosing of chemotherapy; the second part consisted of heavy injections of a growth hormone.  The treatment had drawbacks, it only had a 60% survival rate and the treatment would only work on certain types of cancers.  The growth hormone was only available in small quantities, harvesting this hormone proved to be virtually impossible in the lab. The hormone known as Sterivile 112, had to be extracted from a plant called florlinda. Florlinda is native to Machupichu, Peru, an imprenitiable fortress in the rain forest of Peru.

          The Peruvian government although friendly, did not take kindly to outsiders trespassing in to their sacred lands. They were witnesses to the destruction that was caused in the late 60’s to their neighbors to the south in places like Brazil.  Those were difficult times for Brazil; there was exploration for a new gas source in the Amazon jungles. During the exploration of the Amazon, rivers were diverted, causing great floods whipping out entire villages causing the deaths of hundreds of people. The oil companies were never held accountable for the slaughter and the destruction they caused.  The United Nations stated that based on the evidence presented by the oil companies, they had done everything in their power to insure that the natives would be evacuated safely.  All of which were lies of course, the idea of an evacuation plan consisted of payoffs to the local national guard, who then proceeded to force the natives out by brute force, while the oil workers burn down their homes and leveled the land.  The oil gas exploration was a complete failure, the Amazon is a special mystical place the natives knew this and this is why they respected it so much.  The natives knew to respect the land; they believed that the land would provide for all of their survival needs.  Turns out the only thing the oil companies explored, was disease and death and a complete failure.  Not only did the oil companies loose, but also the local population lost much more their entire way of life had been destroyed.  The Amazon cannot be controlled or manipulated for profit; it roams as a free spirit.  This much the native Tupamaru Indians knew this is why they survived for hundreds of years in harmony with the Amazon.

          Finally in the early months 0f 1984 the Peruvian government, under pressure from the world scientific community approved a small group of researchers and scientist to be allowed in to the Machupichu peninsula.  Up to this point most of the Florlinda that was harvested and shipped through out the world, was hand picked by the local farmers of the area in the outskirts of Machupichu.  Outsiders, who went in to the Machupichu Peninsula, Never came out again.  The locals believed to be the spirits insurance policy, to protect the sacred lands from intruders.  From the Spanish conquistadors to Lewis and Clark, all that trespassed were never heard from again.  The lead scientist chosen to head the scientific expedition was Albert Einstein.  Albert Einstein was the Nobel peace price recipient in research, for finding a link between using sical cells to reverse and fight genetic deformaties of certain types of birth defects.  Albert Einstein’s theories had given the scientific community large strides, in terminating such birth defects as Diabities, Cystic fibrosis disease.  Einstein proved that by injecting a small dose of a healthy sical cells in to the womb of an expecting mothers fetus.  The developing fetus immune system would develop stronger and would be able to fight off some of the mutating diseases, which could possibly develop and attack the immune system.

          March 18, 1984 a plane lands in Lima’s International Airport; on board are Albert Einstein and his team of 10 of the leading world’s scientist. Italy sent its top Scientist on this exploration; Benito Bernoulli was renowned worldwide for his work in microbiology and toxicology.  A team of 5 German scientists led by Dr Hans Mengele, Dr Mengele was an expert in researching and cultivating and stabilizing viruses, in some of the harshest environments through out the world. 

          Soldiers from the Peruvian National Guard escorted the plane to a special hangar that was isolated from the rest of the airport.  The day was sunny very few clouds the temperature was a comfortable 82o Fahrenheit.  Three all terrain vehicles were prepared ahead of time, to be waiting for the team when they arrived at the hangar.  The team checked all of their equipment to make sure none of it was damaged. During the bumpy flight from the United States, some of the equipment had been tossed allround.  After thoroughly checking all of the equipment, the team was waiting for one more member to arrive; he is known by several names through out Central and South America.  But his real name is Fidel Castro; Fidel Castro is the one key figure this the team needs the most. Fidel can guarantee their safety; on their way in to Machupichu.  Along the way they will be crossing some of the worst drug territories in South America.  Fidel Castro is known in this continent as El Fantasma, The Ghost Fidel is responsible for all the drug trafficking coming out of all of Central and South America.  Fidel started his career as a small time CIA independent contractor.  During the 70s Fidel with the backing of the CIA and the DEA single handedly knocked out all of the major drug cartels from Colombia and the rest of Latin America. Fidel then knew that this was now open territory for drugs and profits to be made, especially with the competition out of the way.  So he started himself up in the drug trade, which was a lot more profitable and with a better 401 K retirement plan than the CIA. The way he was so successful was by sharing his wealth with all of the local natives of the area.  To most he was Robin Hood for that reason, no one would even consider turning him in.  He single handedly put more people to work, than most fortune 500 companies in the United States and he always turned a profit.  Despite the best efforts by the DEA and the CIA to bring him to justice it was useless, every time they went after him he would disappear and reappear some place thousands of miles away.  That’s how he got the nickname by the locals as El Fantasma, plus he could blend in any place like a cameleon.

          Fidel arrives by himself at the airport, he is dressed like a soldier he shakes hands and greets the soldiers at the door of the hangar. The soldiers greet him like some kinds of hero; they joke allround with him before letting him enter the hangar. Fidel introduces himself and gives Einstein a big hug; he then proceeds to congratulate him on the excellent article he published in Popular Science magazine.  Einstein is quite surprised and shocked, that a drug smuggler would be reading Popular Science magazine. So he asks him which particular article he liked so much.  Fidel smirks and says the one about plant gene cultivation, thanks to that my chemists were able to cultivate a Coca plant with a stronger genetic make up and a more longer lasting doze per Kilogram.  This was not was Einstein was hoping to accomplish in research, when he was looking for a better world food supply.  But Einstein disregarded the story and continued on loading the equipment in to the Vehicles.  Now it was time to head out and make up some time on the road, all three vehicles leave in a convoy out of the airport complex.  They take La ruta Del Fuego; the highway of fire.   The way this road got its name was from the days of the Mayan tribes traveling this road to greet their god. This is the way they would go, to reach the Land of Machupichu to bring sacrifices to the Machupichu gods.

          The trip will take 8 hours, through mostly deserted barren wastelands once in Machupichu territory it turns in to dense jungle and small dirt trails only wide enough for a vehicle to go through. The trails are in some spots over 10,000 Feet high above the mountains and the valleys.  As nightfall arrives the team decides to camp out in a desert area, known as El Mar Muerto, The Dead Sea.  This used to be an ocean in prehistoric times, until the Ice age when the northern and southern platelets of the earth collided, causing a massive earthquake, this caused the ocean to turn in on itself and go deep underground. The ocean literally swallowed itself, turning the ocean in to desert land.  This area was also notorious for bandits and grave robbers of ancient artifacts. In this area lies one of the countries biggest resting grounds for Charrua Indian artifacts, a big profit source for grave robbers and bandits.  The Charrua Indians inhibited this part of Peru and were the first line of defense against attacks to the Machupichu tribes.  They were the closest allies the Machupichu tribes had in those times.  Most of the Charrua population was allmost completely wiped out by the massive earthquake of 1537. Spanish conquistadors  finsihed the job by enslaving  and slaughtering the few thousand that that had survived by the late1500s.

            As morning arrived and the sun was peaking over the Horizon the team started back on their journey, they drove up this huge incline that seemed to reach in the sky.  Quite an impressive sight, unlike nothing Einstein had ever or experienced before.  Einstein was puzzled how could a civilization of beings create such a civilization in such high uninhabitable environments as this.  In this high altitude the air was thin, very difficult to breathe.  But as they climbed higher and higher they became acclimated to their environment, it was now easier to breathe.  When the team finally arrived to this opening in the jungle canopy they looked, and all they could see was the top of the cloud cover and a few tall mountains in the distance.

           Einstein could only best describe it as being at the gates to heaven. Castro tells the team I have fulfilled my bargain and brought you safely here.  This is as far as I can take you, I am a mere mortal and I cannot enter any further.  From this point on if you choose to continue, you must follow through this jungle passage on foot good luck.  Being in a state of confusion, Doctor Einstein is debating to himself to proceed or not.  Dr Mengele starts looking and studying the plant life in the area. He notices species he has never encountered before; he is in total disbelief that such rare never seen before species exist. The group decides we have traveled so far, for this we shall finish the journey and gather what we came for.  They all follow a small dirt trail hidden by tall weeds and bushes, as they proceed deeper and deeper the jungle seems to take a life of it‘s own.  The sounds are tranquil and peaceful, as if times it just stop.  As they turn a corner they come upon a stone statue perfectly preserved.  There are strange markings on the base of the statue, they tried to decipher the writings but it is definitely not of this world.  The statue is that of conquistador, wearing full armor dress and all of its battle gear.   As they study the statue closer they can tell, by the look on the facial expression there was a look of horror. Something scared the life out of this guy, but how did he turn up like this and why a statue of a conquistador.  Dr Bernoulli suggests that they turn all-round and walk away, this is becoming too dangerous and they shouldn’t be here.  There are forces working here bigger than any of them.  Upon closer inspection of the statue, Dr Mengele realizes this conquistador is not just a stone statue he is alive, inside of the stone just like a cocoon from a butterfly.  They turn one more corner and the trail opens up to reveal a civilization, with pyramids and large temples made out of limestone.  Out of nowhere the city becomes alive tropical birds begin signing and flying all-round.  It is quite a spectacle of beauty and amazement.  When out of the corner of his eye Einstein sees a group of the same stone statues of conquistadors, this time there are about two dozen of them standing in formation.  At another side of the courtyard, he notices Statues of Lewis and Clark and a few people dressed in clothes such as the first settler in the United States.  As the group of scientist makes their way to the center square of the city, all that was peaceful and beautiful erupts with a loud thundering explosion.  When they make an attempt to run away they realize it is too late, The same stairs they used to climb down in to the center of the city are now flat and standing straight up.  They are stuck with now way of getting back up to the top of the mountain.  At this point lighting and thunder is striking everything in sight, they make a rush for what looks to be a temple for some much needed cover.  When the storm stops all of a sudden the stone statues become alive, they are being used as a slave force for the Machupichu tribes that control this place.  A few minutes go by, and a group of natives capture the group of scientist hiding in the temple.

           The scientists are all paraded in front of the tribal elders and then the chief; they speak using harsh sounding tones in their voices. The chief point to Einstein orders him to bow down in his presence. Einstein not understanding what the chief wants, Pleads with him to let the group leave; that they mean no harm they are here for peaceful reasons. The chief points to his warriors to bring either Lewis or Clark up to translate, the white mans tongue.  Clark is chosen to translate, Einstein is trembling with fear and speaks very rapidly, Clark translates as best as possible, but it is all too fast for him to keep up.  The dialogue then slows down so that, nothing can be lost in the translation.  Einstein explains what exactly the group is doing here, that they mean no harm.  Clark explains the response of the chief; He tells Einstein that he and the others will be kept here for eternity as guests of the Machupichu people.  All three scientists try to argue that they need to return, but the arguments falls upon deaf ears.  The chief stands up from his throne and tells Clark to translate word by word what he is about to say.  For centuries that white man has, raped, pillage manipulated gods’ sacred earth.  You are a disease that if not halted you will kill this planet and everything and every one in it.  You choose to destroy instead of creating; you choose to conquer instead of living in harmony.  You have taken this planet and turn it to in to a cesspool, with your poisons going in to the air. You have diseases with no cures, diseases you created with out even being aware of it. You have made the gods very angry, so angry they have placed a hole high above in the heavens so the evil spirits can come in and destroy this beautiful planet. You have put yourselves before mother earth; you have chosen to disrespect her.   If you will not respect her than you shall not live on her. You will live here for eternity, so that you do not continue the destruction of this planet.  As Einstein was about to defend his argument, his group was slowly being turned in the walking lost souls to forever walk in the sacred lands of the Machupichu.  Einstein’s final thought as a mortal was a simple one takes care of what is here today for it may not be here tomorrow to take care of it as he was transformed slowly in to a concrete statue.

Highwaynomad   Highwaynomad wrote
on 8/29/2008 8:38:13 AM
Why thank you for taking time to read my material. I appreciate all the input given and Im glad the readers are understanding what Im writting. I appreciate the support take care highway

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 8/29/2008 12:45:43 AM
I liked this a lot. How you skillfully weave famous and not-so-famous people into your stories. A true gift you have.

Short Story
Science Fiction
writing Highwaynomad
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A clear message that sometimes man can be the hunter or he can hunted,when ever mother natures feels like it.
A Word from the Writer
When you look up to the heavens in to the evenings dark and beautyfull skies,remmember out there far away is the reflection of what mother earth once was staring back at you. So take care of her ,so that she can be allround for many many more years to come. Enjoy this story highwaynomad