Darkness Falls Upon the Watering Hole



Darkness Falls Upon the Watering hole



The street so dark and dreary the rain falling down nice and steady, when the last I look for one last time the place where my previous life’s memories lay in the rubble and destruction of where my past life has been spent. 


The final slam of the wrecking ball takes out this once beautiful place I called home.  No longer I will see the flickering neon sign of Pabst Blue Ribbon served here. Many summers nights I spent by the old jukebox putting out those great old tunes of yesteryear.


The smells of Camels and Lucky Strike still lingering in the air as if letting out one last breath of life of this great palace from yesteryear.  The Stools all packed away so neatly in the garbage container to be taken away to some land fill far away, I’ll always remember my favorite corner stool where I nursed many a hang overs, from over indulgences of that sweet nectar of Coke and Jack I’d use to nurse myself back to sanity from the madness of the long work weeks past.


The bulldozer just wrecked my favorite booth where I sat in the smoked filled darkness jamming away to good ole rock n roll from the King to the Stones.  My old time friends from a long time ago all gone now just like this special watering hole to be locked away in the memories of my mind where they can’t be destroyed.


I hear the last of the crunch and there goes the passageway that led me away each weekend to a fantasy place back in time, like my very own time machine, From the moment you walked it was 1965 back again. My buddy jimmy the bartender would welcome you in and made sure to make all your troubles melt away.  The regular players all sitting around as if hosts greeting you in, making you feel like one of the gang.


I can’t take this pain and agony any more but before I walk away I pick up the last reminder of this wonderful sacred place I grew up to call my second home.  My favorite old beer tap handle my dear old Pabst Blue Ribbon I’m taking you home causes this is one thing I will never allow to destroy.  I will keep it safe and secure locked up in my memories safely in my mind. Where no wrecking ball can destroy the billboard says Quickie Mart coming on this site Spring 2010 I wonder how many fond memories will be made by the future generations standing around the slushy machine, while jamming to elevator music filling the air.


Time to go now so long old friend as the final splinters are scooped away, from this once beautiful friendly social watering hole where my generation once played and grew




Dedicated to VP



kt6550   kt6550 wrote
on 3/11/2009 11:32:12 PM
I know the feeling.

Short Story
writing Highwaynomad
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Remmembering the past and not forgetting where you came from and what makes you happy ,specially when the little things in life are what is all about.
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