Recaping the Drama
The evil queen has cursed the realm and the story remains the same, by her mothers actions she was driven insane. The final stroke was the death of Daniel the boy who grooms her steed. Held steady no more by his great caress done by a wicked deed. The curse would bring her victory over the unbounded sorrow of her years and so it was the curse was struck as the land disappears. But before this fateful eventful action the maker of the curse, would cause the breaking of the curse who’s only motive was a reunion with his lost son. True love would allow one birth to be sent by the magic of a vessel like Moses was spared from eternal death and tears. Returned to this land by her young child born in prison payment of crimes; serving her time. Without a guide or preparation and much abandoned growth in her life, who would think her otherwise than a lowly misfit of a human tribe? Indeed not to be, for what she was was the product of true love. And she arrived on the bank of her car, and for her son decided(s) to stay. The days go on with one exception the belief by her son of her history, and his convictions that she would bring the happy endings back from the land swallowed by despair. Flashback's of events from the fairy magic land of stories embedded and actions taken. By this woman conclude their thread produce their leaven. Mashed and mixed within all the tales are things no audience has seen. From dwarves to princes and dragons and potions and evil queens.The story tells she is the daughter of Prince Charming and Snow White sent to rid them of their lost memory and lost and forgotten happy ending. On and on the story flows from riddles revealed to Pinocchio's nose, and grows more complex with each episode. Rapid as the waters of captain hooks boat, or growth of a remembered love lost by two who build once more their eternal union. The story must be, till the happy endings triumph and the happy tales of victory cloud the sky with memories and celebration. Until this episode who knows what is going to occur what deals or what plans or what events will save their happiness....

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Short Story
writing HiddenMysteryEnigma
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