Washington D.C. is one big trip in the past. A reminder, an hourglass. From across the country has come monuments, people and marks from the states. Every nation on earth represents itself here. It is symbolic of cost and progress. A symbol to tyrants, traitors and terrorists. Encased in pure white this city sits aglow in the hopes and dreams promised their. Besieged, forsaken, conquered and finally realized. No other state can say the same. Everywhere else comes to build on its fame. Emulating what America is and was, now new states and old seek to be. From near and far they come to walk in the sun the monuments of time some many and vast. The only place here that fully realizes the past. A home for old victory and new history. There is no other city history I know that can put on such a historical show. There is no city I know where hope is our history. And every day history is made. Pages of white and marble both write of the wonder no where else encapsulated by such an agreed upon spot. The cheers of a new nations built and envisioned it. From all fifty states the tears still flow. This truly is not like anywhere else I know. Green and grey spend the day debating away the price of liberty and the meaning of freedom. Truly unlike anywhere else freedom of our history constantly new everyday flow into the hearts of the young and old. The old rejoice and the teenager learns the younger generation still serves. The meaning of freedom here loudest exists. The love that entrenches itself here, does not dim with years. Whether you are Mr. Smith or Gray everyone wants to come here everyday. This place is constantly thought about and loved and remembered and worked to support the ideals it surely stands for. Speeches have been given here throughout our history. No where else do I know them seeking to come. None other desire do the residents have then the freedom they enjoy. So come visit the wonderful capital and see the history in you renewed. It will and does change attitude. Aptitude or not I beg you to learn history. Learn about the sacrifices that have been made. Sacrifices even still today. We do not forget Washington the ton that composes. The history that gleams from the steps of our forefathers and the city that so many countries emulate and still does it shine to and for those that this day and forever freedom see.

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