Gone Forever

she was seventeen

just at the start

of the rest of her life

never wishing to become

the homecoming queen

just wanting to make the world

a better place to be

no ever thinks time can stop

so suddenly


6:01 on starry night

she said a quick goodbye

told her momma she’d be home

by 9

she was halfway there

when she noticed

something wasn’t right

that car on the other side was coming on way too fast

she never had enough time

to see that SUV was in her lane

never had enough time to get away


the wrong time

the wrong place

it just seems so wrong

that an ordinary day

can end so tragically

she was a beautiful girl

who’s smile lit up the world

when everything seemed so

dark and gray

but now her life ends

on this road

all because of someone

who never thought about

what could be severed

and now she’s

gone forever

Minutes turned into hours

her momma’s waiting anxiously

daddy’s trying to keep his cool

she should’ve been home

twenty minutes ago

and then the doorbell rings

and they get those fateful words

that no one ever wants to know

the driver of the SUV had an alcohol level of

point one nine

and got away without a scratch


Wonder who this girl

could’ve been

now we’ll never know

she had so much ahead of her

had so much love

and that girl was my best friend

now I know just how soon

things can end

so sad that

this happens time

and time again

but no one ever learns

about what’s at stake

the moment you take

that first drink


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writing Heather
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lyrics i wrote about a very serious reality. drinking and driving is no joke
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