Flacon's feathers pt 2


      Anthony Dinozzo .Jr is a man of different backgrounds. Or so he says. Many people find him charismatic while his past girlfriends call him a backstabbing jerk. But on October 8 2004, he met his match when he showed up at Narrow Lakes Park to see the body of Lance corporal Jonathan Hall.  His body was located in the deep forest and a park Ranger was the one who found him. Dinozzo wasn’t an easily scared person but after many failed tries at camping with his father, Anthony Michael Dinozzo Sr, Dinozzo knew one thing. It wasn’t an animal that killed Lance Corporal Hall.

 “So Dinozzo, by your thoughts, I’m guessing you think that Lance Corporal Hall was not killed by an animal?” Langer asked who was holding a notepad and a pen.

 Langer was Dinozzo’s girlfriend and he was proud of it because in his mindset she was the right person for him because she was comical, selfless, and they respected the identical things like old movies, songs and she had wit so he could be annoying. But what he loved the most was that she could be so flawless (In his words, of course) and from a stroke of luck she loved him the same way. But the only thing that was unlike was their ages because he is 5 years older than her.

  “Yes I do think that the Lance corporal was not slaughtered by an animal because the”

“The marks don’t match with the placement of the body and the body doesn’t contain any bites or animal marks” Sara finished for him

   “Smart girl, but at least let me finish my sentences next time.”  Dinozzo said grinning at her

“Glad I amuse you, Tony.” She replied ruffling his coffee hair and looking at his grey eyes giggling

          “Can you guys get back to work please because we don’t have all day?” asked Kate already getting agitated

       “Sorry” They both replied.

But then Dinozzo noticed something in the dirt. There was something sticking out and it looked like a Bullet from a gun.

          “You guys, I think I found something important over here.”  Dinozzo howled at the rest of the team

           “I think our Lance Corporal was not eaten by an animal, Gibbs” McGee said looking uneasy at Him

       “Me neither. We should watch the activity and when we get back, I need Langer to look up more info about our dead Lance Corporal.”

           “Ducky, do we know the time of death yet?” Langer asked the medical examiner Doctor Mallard

         “Yes my dear Sara. This Man died at precisely 4: 05 this morning by a gunshot wound to the face and multiple stab wounds to the chest and his temperature is precisely 90.2 degrees. Gerald, we should get this man to the van and bring to autopsy to see what else we can get from Mr. Hall‘s body.”

      “Thanks Ducky” Gibbs said as Ducky and Gerald took the body into the Autopsy van

        “So Gibbs, should we look for more clues or do we have enough” Dinozzo asked as Gibbs looked around the forest grounds

         “No, Dinozzo. I think we have to check to see if we find more bullet shells or even a weapon.” Gibbs alleged

          “Well I already found a gun over here.” Kate yelled from behind the gigantic Oak tree in the right of the crime scene

     “Well, tag it and bag it, so we can leave.” Gibbs said as he looked for casings around the campsite

After Kate got the gun and its casings, The Team left and went back to look for clues at NCIS.

     “Hey Dinozzo, Can I ask you a question?” McGee asked

        “Sure” He replied

        “Can you tell me what I’m supposed to be doing because I’m lost” he asked

    “Well you can help me look for more info about Lance Corporal Hall or you can help Gibbs talk to his commanding Officer” he replied

     “I’ll help you instead. Gibbs worries me. ” McGee said

   He scares everyone, McGee” Dinozzo said smiling

  Dinozzo was not one who let things go by easily. He knew McGee was terrified of Gibbs like they all were when they started out, they got over it eventually.

      “Hey, is she really a psychic?” he said eyeing Sara and she spun to wave at them

      “Yes and she can read minds, so don’t try do or say anything about her cause she’ll” Dinozzo didn’t finish his sentence because Gibbs was around the corner and he was supposed to be working and not talking to McGee about Sara.

         “So what do you have?”  Gibbs asked when he got to their desk 

        “Uh, we almost have Lance Corporal Hall’s address and background data.” McGee responded

     “Actually, we already have his background info.” Sara said as Gibbs went over to her desk and gave him the papers

Dinozzo then saw Sara mouth “you owe me” to him and McGee as Gibbs turned to look at them

     “Dinozzo, Next time, you should actually be working and not talking to McGee about my goddaughter and your girlfriend.” Gibbs said as he turned away and went to autopsy with Kate

   “Are you Mental? Are you trying to get me in trouble with Gibbs? You know he still isn’t fine with us dating” Sara said as she was walking to Abby’s lab.

     “McGee, one rule of advice when dating coworkers or even girls, Make sure your boss has no relation with them because it will get awkward if you decide to be serious. Hell, I went through a lot to be with Sara, so don’t, under any circumstances try to mess with Gibbs or you’ll be so screwed.”

“Thanks” McGee responded


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