Falcons Feathers pt 3


              When Caitlin Todd decided to be a NCIS agent, she made the choice by doing one of two things. A) By making the decision by a stroke of luck or B) by just going along with it and that is what she did when she became a NCIS agent. She loved working with people she liked and a job she actually liked. Kate was not a person who was scared or terrified easily but seeing the body of Lance Corporal Hall had terrified her because his body was so badly cut and scraped that his body looked like a mess. She tried to look away but she couldn’t because she needed the evidence for his case.

 “So Ducky, what do you think happened to Lance Corporal Hall?” Kate asked trying to keep her chocolate eyes off of Lance Corporal Hall

 “Well Caitlin, Lance Corporal Hall has multiple stab wounds and gun shots. But what I find peculiar is the bites which don’t make sense since they were given at the time of death but the bites appear to be deadly well.” Ducky said looking up at Caitlin from the body

“How can this happen?” Gibbs said coming in for the first time

“Well Gibbs that you have to ask Abigail. I already sent Gerald to give her the samples of the body. “Ducky said as they were getting ready to leave

“Thanks, Ducky.” Gibbs and Kate said as they left the autopsy room

As they went to Abby’s lab, Kate thought about agent Dinozzo then reminded herself that  he was madly in love with Sara but Kate had a Massive crush on Tony even if he was Bothersome but he was Handsome and amusing at times. But she always tries to forget that when she is working a case.

  “Abby. Do the samples indicate a human or are we facing an animal charge?” Kate asked trying to put her mind back on the case

“They are human bites but the interesting part is that they are from an unsolved case from 1982. Private Marcus Rodriguez from Nevada was mauled by a wolf in Washington. But they never found the wolf but the bites are identical but the data isn’t traceable.” Abby replied

“It’s like the bites came from a glass model of teeth like the dentist and before they died, the murderer bit them with it. If it’s not traceable then it didn’t exist.” Sara assumed walking into Abby’s lab

“She has a point. If it can’t be traced, it didn’t exist.” Gibbs replied “Unless the bites were somehow planted there to make sure it couldn’t.”

“I’ll find out Gibbs.” Abby said “Also I will expect to get a Caf – POW later”

“Sure, after you find out where the teeth come from.” Gibbs replied leaving the room with Kate and Sara

As they went to the elevator, Kate thought about the case. It reminded her of a case that she had a few years ago. The man had the same bite marks but they couldn’t track them. Each agency had a similar case but all were considered cold cases. But she always considered that the killer was a serial killer but the evidence always proved that it wasn’t a serial killer but she always kept it in the back of her head.

Once they made it to their floor, they were surprised to find it crowded with people.

“What the hell is happening?” Sara asked arriving to DiNozzo’s desk

Dinozzo pops up from his desk.

“I have no idea. One minute, everything was semi quiet and then all these people showed up.” He replied

“What do you folks want?” Gibbs asked

“We hear you guys have another body like the others found in Narrow lakes park. We demand to know if the serial killer line will be considered for once.” Asked a frail older gentleman

“We’ll let everyone know if it’s a serial killer if it comes out to be that.” Gibbs answered and promptly threw everyone out

“We just got the body a few hours ago. How are people getting all this information? The press doesn’t know yet.” Gibbs thought out loud

“I told them already.” Director Bitterman said as he walked down the stairs

“Why? The press will have a field day with the story and we’ll never have peace to solve the case. It is going to be like the time a famous artist died and the press wouldn’t leave us alone.” Gibbs retorted

Kate knew that these cases were always the worst because they were always the cases were the most people were involved and no one was able to agree with what to do. They never worked well with other people unless they were the only people who never did anything.

   “It looks like we have to deal with the firestorm that’s going to happen with this case.” Dinozzo said as Bitterman left for a meeting

  By Nightfall, they had gotten nowhere on the case. It was a first for the team. They tried every suspect from past cases, they tried everyone who hated or knew Lance Corporal Hall but they all had alibis or were dead. The team had a dead end and they were just getting started.

“Wow. It feels as if we had nothing else to go on but we do. We just can’t find it.” Sara said as she stared at her computer in anger.

“I know. It feels weird and unnatural for us to not be doing anything.” Kate said looking up at the wall

“Go home. We’ll figure something tomorrow early in the morning.” Gibbs said as he shut his computer off quietly.

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